Funding and Collaborator Identification

Funding Identification

The PDO can help you identifying potential funding opportunities that are well matched to your proposed research project and career stage. We review team science funding opportunities on a weekly basis and build and coordinate teams in response to new team science funding opportunities from NIH and other funding agencies. Please reach out to the PDO to request a funding opportunities consultation (


Stanford provides additional resources to help you identify potential funding opportunities:


For federal sponsors, you can also search for funding opportunities in publicly available databases:

Collaborator Identification

The PDO has relationships with faculty from across Stanford Medicine. We can assist with collaborative matchmaking, especially for interdisciplinary grant proposals. Please contact us if you are building a team for a grant proposal and looking for a new collaborator. We can help you identify potential collaborators and facilitate introductions and planning. 


Stanford also provides additional resources that can help you identify new collaborators:

Award Databases

Public award databases allow you to search for grants funded by specific agencies. These databases are another helpful resource for identifying potential research funders and collaborators.