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Our Mission

To reduce the burden of prostate cancer through the
development of personalized treatment and patient-centric decision making solutions.

Our Goal

To develop a robust solution to facilitate a personalized treatment plan and make decision making easy for every patient. Thankfully, the prognosis for many prostate cancer patients is excellent.  However, the treatment of prostate cancer can be challenging depending on the nature of the disease, along with numerous options with varying effects on quality of life.

Furthermore, there are a growing number of alternative treatments, often with subtle variations, which make deciding the proper treatment overwhelming for patients. We believe a personalized decision-making solution, designed for each patient, based on the nature of the disease, may ease the burden of prostate cancer by maximizing longevity with a desirable quality of life while optimizing health care efficiency and reducing costs to society.

Support PCPO

We depend on the generosity and support of philanthropists and granting agencies to perform cutting-edge research and develop novel approach to improve patient’s care. If you are interested in supporting our research at Stanford, please contact

Regan E. Botsford, Senior Associate Director, Major Gifts
Stanford University Medical Center Development
3172 Porter Drive, Suite 210
Palo Alto, CA  94304
t: 650.497.9497
c: 415.734.6130