Consultative Medicine


Our team evaluates patients with undiagnosed medical conditions and unexplained symptoms that have already been evaluated by another medical provider. We will consult and coordinate your care with our specialists, then communicate our findings back to your primary physician team. Our goal is to provide clinical insight on difficult to diagnose pathology.

Referral Process

A referral from your primary care doctor is required to begin the evaluation process. Please include a short summary of illness, findings, and consultative question. If we are able to schedule the referred patient, we will request an additional fax with complete medical notes, lab data, procedures and completed imaging for our review.  We recommend you bring an additional copy of your medical records as well. 

Clinic Appointment

You will be seen by an Internal Medicine physician for approximately 45 – 60 minutes for intake. Please arrive 10-20 minutes early as parking is often an issue. We encourage patients to write summary of their chronologic illness and concerns to the appointment. Plan on at least one additional trip for future tests and visits with specialists as needed. 

After Your Visit

We will send a letter to your referring physician that details your visit and our opinion regarding possible diagnoses, future testing, and potential treatment options. 

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