What does it mean to be a Patient and Family Partner?

A Patient & Family Partner's experience will vary depending on the type of course or event that they volunteer in. Some experiences take place in a classroom and may involve speaking to a large group. Other opportunities involve pairing up with students 1:1 to help them understand what it is like to maintain optimal health in a complex health system. The role of the Patient & Family Partner can vary from program to program, and time commitments can vary from brief, one-time discussions, to longitudal mentoring. Check out some of the 'Ways to Engage’ section on this page and select the 'Volunteer Interest Form' button if you would like to get involved, or if you have any additional questions. 

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My hope is that in sharing my experience I will provide food for thought and broaden the horizons of the providers, teachers and students I work with…. I am tremendously excited to be working with the physicians of tomorrow, playing a small part in their medical education. - Patient Partner

Medical Education Patient & Family Advisory Council




The Medical Education Patient and Family Advisory Council

partners with the School of Medicine at Stanford

to incorporate the patient experience into

the education of future clinicians.



Ways to Engage

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