The Stanford PCPH Foundations of Academic Clinical Excellence and Transformation (FACET)
Faculty Development Fellowship

How will clinic scheduling work?

The FACET program will collaborate with SHC's scheduling team to allot protected time for in-person sessions on Thursday mornings during the 2024 autumn quarter and monthly sessions every third Thursday from Jan to Sep 2025. Fellows will coordinate with their medical director and clinic scheduling to confirm their schedule for the rest of the month.


May I develop a new project idea or continue work on a project with an existing mentor as part of FACET?

The FACET timeline is relatively short, and projects need to be scoped for completion and dissemination by the end of year 2. Engaging with a PCPH team on a scoped and active effort will be helpful. Starting a new solo project may be more difficult and not suited to the timeline and format of the program. Please share any unique project ideas you may have in your application.


I have a sense of what I am interested in, but not an idea for how to operationalize this as a project. Should I still apply?

Yes! Participating in the FACET program provides an opportunity to learn and engage with faculty members already involved in improvement efforts. No prior experience or project development is required for participation.


Is the FACET program only for new faculty? e.g. Is there a ceiling on the number of years in the division that excludes someone from eligibility?

No, neither.


May APPs apply?

This particular program is for physicians.


What does “at least 2-years of patient care experience” mean?

This is at least 2-years of active patient care experience after residency.  This can be a combination of time at Stanford and other clinics. 


Resources for Stanford Faculty

The Lane Medical Library specialty portals are one of many resources offered to Stanford faculty, students, and staff. These Portals contain resources frequently referenced by specific SUMC departments, divisions, centers, and nursing units. For the Division of Primary Care and Population Health, there are specialty portals for Internal Medicine, Palliative Care, general Primary Care.

OSLERR Teaching Evaluations

The OSLERR teaching evaluation form provides a simple framework for Division faculty to plan your teaching and solicit feedback from learners. This teaching evaluation form was created in response to faculty who were looking for additional ways to gather electronic feedback of their teaching, and a more streamlined process for sharing completed evaluations with Academic Affairs.