Wednesday Wellness: Mindful Meditation with We WIN (Wellness-In-Nature)

We WIN (Wellness-In-Nature) continues to use Wednesday Wellness afternoon breaks as a time for staff and interested faculty to reflect, practice, and share wellness. Initially, while the weather permitted, PCPH and neighboring staff from other divisions, were participating in Wednesday Wellness Walks around campus. To expand the wellness experience, PCPH staff have been practicing Mindful Meditation during the winter season as the new Wednesday Wellness activity. For any staff and faculty available every Wednesday from 2:00-2:15pm, consider joining the 15-minute mindful meditation. We WIN meets in one of the conference rooms in MSOB, usually on the 3rd floor, which permeates essential oils, relaxed ambiance with dimmed lights and a quiet, safe space to reflect, rejuvenate and receive the countless benefits of guided meditation. Also available is a card box full of different MUDRAS of to help channel energy during the meditation experience.

We WIN looks forward to offering activities and events to help enhance the individual and collective wellness of staff. We hope you can join us for the next quarterly event in spring.  More details to come…Stay tuned!