Family Medicine Core Clerkship Has New Education Partner: Foothill Community Health Center

The Family and Community Medicine Core Clerkship is thrilled to announce their new partnership with  new education partner, Foothill Community Health Center.

Beginning in February 2019, during clerkship period 8, students began to rotate at Foothill Clinics with the Core Clerkship’s new partner, Foothill Community Health Center. The partnership was made possible through the excitement and support of Kevin Herrick, MD, PhD, Director of Education and Research for Foothill Community Health Center, and newly appointed Adjunct Clinical Instructor. Dr. Herrick will also be the education program lead for Stanford medical student education at their clinics, and has been actively reviewing clerkship training materials, the guidelines of the student evaluation process, and establishing what is sure to be an enriching experience for the Clerkship's medical students and a foundation for a long-term partnership with Foothill.

Operating as Federally Qualified Health Centers, Foothill Community Health Center clinics provide comprehensive healthcare services through seven school-based health clinics and five neighborhood health centers, servicing East San Jose and Gilroy.

Our partnership with Foothill also aligns with the Division of Primary Care and Population Heatlh goals to authentically engage with communities outside of Stanford, and School of Medicine goals to provide medical students access to diverse clinical experiences and populations.

Foothill Comunity Health Center