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Message from the Chief

Dr Sang-ick Chang, MD, MPH

Welcome to the Division of Primary Care and Population Health. Stanford Medicine has an unprecedented opportunity to help fix an American health care system that is in crisis.  Costs are rising faster than society’s ability to keep pace, and while our per capita expenditure is nearly double that of the average industrialized nation, we are 37th in the World Health Organization’s ranking of nations in health care system performance.  While we have the most advanced medicines and technology in the world, we have created a health landscape that is bewildering for most people to navigate, with fragmentation of care and insufficient guidance in the face of more and more complex choices.  And especially, our care for frail seniors and those facing the end of life is still tragically missing the mark: over-treating but under-caring.   In order to be able to pay for the genuinely life-extending and enhancing advances in medicine -  many of which are being discovered daily at Stanford Medicine - we must find ways to eliminate unnecessary or uncoordinated care and find ways to provide better quality and experience for the same or less cost, at all stages of life. See more

Featured News and Events

2019 Kalanithi Writing Contest is now Open!

Stanford's Palliative Care Section is please to solicit unpublished short stories, essay or poems addressing patients and providers facing chronic or life limiting illness. Paul Kalanithi passed too soon, but left behind a wonderful legacy in his bestselling memoir, When Breath Becomes Air. His creativity and commitment to finding meaning in the experience of illness inspired this award. 

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Annual Awards honor outstanding

More than 50 faculty, staff members, residents and students were recognized with 2019 awards for outstanding contribtions to the Stanford Medicine community. Those include our very own Dr. Olivia Jee, Dr. Lars Osterberg, Dr. Tracy Rydel, Dr. Ann Chuang and Dr. Erika Schillinger. Congratulations!

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Spirit, Inspiring Change Award - Loto Reed

Loto Reed was awarding the Spirit, Inspiring Change Award on May 29th, 2019. Loto came up with the idea to start monthly volunteering activities, it is the goal of the division to develop community partnerships, also welcoming and involving new members of the department. Since the start of the project the volunteer group SCOPE has helped multiple community projects. 

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Pilot program for precision health

A Stanford Medicine pilot program combining cutting-edge tools of biomedicine with a collaborative, team-based method, offers a new approach to personalized health care that captures the promise of Precision Health: to predict, prevent and treat disease based on the individual patient. A paper published May 13 in Annals of Family Medicine outlines initial learnings from Humanwide. The authors are Megan Mahoney, MD, Stanford Medicine’s chief of general primary care, and Steven Asch, MD, vice-chief of primary care and population health.

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GEM Awardee – Amanda Pecoraro

Our very own Amanda Pecoraro was awarded the Employee of the Month award this summer. Amanda has been with the division for nearly four years. Amanda goes above and beyond in her job to ensure her colleagues and the community around her are involved! She loves her colleagues as much as they love her—"I don’t want to brag,” she says, “but PCPH has amazing faculty and staff.”  And of course, she adds, “I have also met so many wonderful people in other divisions.”

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Patient Care

Our physicians provide care to our patients throughout the bay area, Click here to see our clinics and locations. 

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We offer resources for Pre-Med Students, Medical Students, Residents, Fellows, Faculty and Patients and Families.

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Our Mission as the Research Section of Primary Care and Population Health is to develop innovative research that increases the quality and equity of primary care to improve health for all. We strive to learn how to best deliver care and optimize the health of the populations we serve.

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