Faculty - How can I incorporate Patients & Families into my teaching?

"Walk with Me has been a reminder about what matters most to me in the practice of medicine: connection, presence, and awareness of our patients’ whole stories."

      - Walk With Me Faculty

Most faculty have some experience engaging patients in class, typically to share their story with students. Many of    them are seeking out the patient & family perspective earlier in the curriculum planning process to ensure that the    patient perspective is represented. Patient & Family Partners can be integrated as partners in the classroom and    clinical setting, and can engage in roles ranging from speaker, panel member, small-group discussion facilitator, or participate as co-developer of patient and family-centered curriculum. 

Ways to Engage

  • Present in or lead a session of an existing course
  • Update or create new curriculum
  • Participate in Patient & Family Engaged Medical Education Research
  • Connect with students for mentorship and research

Inquiry Form

Interested in developing a new patient & family engaged course, or collaborating to develop a session in an existing course or clerkship? Interested in engaging in research, or mentoring students in patient-centered quality improvement projects? Click on the button submit the faculty inquiry form.

“Being part of this course is joy of practice.