Department of Pathology Seed Grants


The Department of Pathology awards seed grants each year. These grants vary widely by focus by applicant profile and award levels: 

  • Range from $15,000 to $100,000 (annually)
  • May also extend through multiple years
  • Are offered on a variety of topics 
  • Focus on different applicant profiles

Learn more about eligibilty, deadlines, and award levels in the links below. 

New Seed Grant Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to the new winners of the Collaborative Research Award in Precision Health, announced on Sept. 15, 2017:

  • Sean Bendall, PhD, and Albert Tsai, MD, PhD
  • James Zehnder, MD, and Anandi Krishnan, PhD
  • Eugene Butcher, MD, Matt van de Rijn, MD, PhD and Robert West, MD, PhD
  • Robert Michael Angelo, MD, PhD, Yaso Natkunam, MD, PhD and Albert Tsai, MD, PhD

Seed Grant Summary Descriptions