2019 Research Retreat Winners

(held on October 18, 2019)


Zewen (Owen) Jiang

“Adipose secreted isthmin-1 stimulates PI3K/AKT signaling and improves glucose homeostasis while reducing hepatic steatosis”

Thomas Meister, BS

“A mutagenesis screen for essential plastid biogenesis genes in human malaria parasites"

Joy Pai

“T cell clonal dynamics in multiple sclerosis”

Stephanie Kabeche

“Small molecule inhibitors of the Plasmodium apicoplast: from chemical genetics to drug discovery”

Claire Muscat

"c-Jun amplifies the pro-osteogenic potential of osteoprogenitors through increased hedgehog- and Wnt-signaling"



Elias Gerrick, PhD

“Trans-kingdom interactions in the microbiome and their effects on intestinal immunity”

Yoshitaka Minamida, PhD

“Cancer cell death and immune reaction in radiotherapy"

Fan Yang, PhD

“Macro and microanatomy of human B cell clonal populations”

Yunshin Jung, PhD

“A mouse NASH liver single cell construction reveals emergent parenchymal cell population driving NASH”

Gernot Neumayer, PhD

"CRISPR and IPSC-mediated therapy of Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa"


Research Associates

Bomsoo Cho, PhD

“Prickle isoforms determine handedness of helical morphogenesis”

Yuanyuan Liu, PhD

"Exploiting the human gut microbiome to treat phenylketonuria"

Zhihao Wu, PhD

"MISTERMINATE mechanistically links mitochondrial dysfunction with proteostasis failure"

Jk Gopakumar, BS

“Tet2 and Dnmt3a knockout mutations accelerate atherosclerosis and induce expansion of novel macrophage population in mice”

Song Song, PhD

"Mapping the interactome of the planar cell polarity protein Van Gogh by APEX-based proximity labeling"

Clinical research

Romain Cayrol, MD, PhD
(Neuropathology Fellow)

"Clustered cytochrome-oxidase negative fibers in muscular dystrophy: A novel finding"

Kelly Mooney, MD
(CP Resident)

"Genomic profiling of cystic hypersecretory carcinoma in situ"

Erna Forgo, MD
(CP Resident)

"DNA methylation profiling of uterine sarcomas"

Hannah Wang, MD
(CP Resident)

"Cost-effectiveness of screening for nasopharyngeal carcinoma with Epstein-Barr virus serology or plasma DNA in high-incidence populations globally"

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