2018 Research Retreat Winners

(held on October 6th, 2018)


Sarah Barnes, PhD

“Colonic inflammation results in neuroinflammation and neuronal hyperexcitability”

Boxiang Liu, PhD

“Ocular disease mechanisms elucidated by genetics of human fetal retinal pigment epithelium gene expression"

Xue Yang, PhD

“Genetic and genomic studies of pathogenic EXOSC2 mutations in the newly described disease SHRF implicate the SOX5/MITF axis in disease pathogenesis”

Ian Linde, PhD

“TNFa and complement induce reactive oxygen species production and tumor clearance by neutrophils”

Amar Mirza

"LAP2 proteins chaperone GLI1 movement between lamina and chromatin to regulate transcription"



Elif Sarinay Cenik, PhD

“Maternal ribosomes are sufficient for tissue diversification during embryonic development in C. elegans”

Hannah Frank, PhD

“Are bats special? Immunological insights from an important disease reservoir"

Massa Shoura, PhD

“Affairs of the heart: How circular-DNA-mediated scars in the Titin gene may contribute to cardiac diversity”

Nathan Reticker Flynn, PhD

“Lymph node colonization promotes distant tumor metastasis through the induction of systemic immune tolerance”

Yohei Shibuya, PhD

"Exploring microglia replacement as a tool for regenerative medicine"


Feng Pan, PhD

"MLL oncogene-dependent enhancer reprogramming promotes leukemogenesis"

Research Associates

Chandresh Gajera, PhD

“Mass Synaptometry: High-dimensional multi parametric assay for single synapses”

Chiou-Hong Lin

"SETDB2 links E2A-PBX1 to cell cycle dysregulation in acute leukemia through CDKN2C repression"

Johan Jeong

“Modeling acute leukemia development using high-efficiency induction of chromosomal translocation in human blood stem cells by CRISPR/Cas9”

Clinical research

Megan Fitzpatrick, MD
(Clinical Fellow)

"HR-HPV subtype distribution and effect of anti-retroviral therapy among HIV-positive women in rural Zimbabwe"

Andrew Lee, MD, PhD
(CP Resident)

"Sub-fractionation of mesenchymal stromal tissue yields distinct subpopulations of lineage committed progenitor cells which can be harnessed for targeted cell therapies"

Muharrem Yunce, MD
(Clinical Fellow)

"Consequences of preoperative anemia in surgical patients"

Lauren Lawrence, MD
(Clinical Fellow)

"Mutational signatures in STAMP data"

Shyam Raghavan, MD
(AP Resident)

"Genetic heterogeneity in spitzoid melanomas"

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