2017 Research Retreat Winners

(held on October 28th, 2017)


Nimit Jain

“A model system for Hepatitis
delta RNA replication”

Cheen Euong Ang

“Induction of human neurons from adult peripheral blood T cells through direct reprogramming”

Joshua Yim

“Developing optical chemical probes for imaging proteolytic signatures”



Leeat Keren, PhD

“Characterization of tumor immune microenvironment in triple negative breast cancer by multiplexed imaging”

Joanna Przbyl, PhD

“Combination approach for detecting different types of alterations in  circulating tumor DNA in leiomyosarcoma”

Laure Frésard, PhD

“Identification of rare-disease genes from RNA-seq of undiagnosed cases using large control cohorts”


Pablo Dimizi, PhD

"PD-L1 blockade as anti-fibrotic therapy for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis"


Tristan Lerbs, MD

“c-Jun, a novel pro-osteogenic factor with bone forming potential, to treat osteoporosis and fractures”


Martina Tholen, PhD

“Identifying small molecule modulators
of tumor inflammation”

Research Associates

Zhihao Wu, PhD

“Ubiquitination of ABCE1 by NOT4 triggers the recruitment of  autophagy machinery in
PINK1-directed mitophagy”

Romona Hoh, PhD

“lgE+ B cell lineages in peanut-allergic human blood and gut”

Moritz Mall, Phd

“Cell fate choice and maintenance requires active and continuous repression of alternative cell identities”

Anusha Rajaraman

“Capillary origin of new endothelium
in immune angiogenesis”


Clinical research

Megan Fitzpatrick, MD
(CP Resident)

“High-Risk human papillomavirus prevalence among HIV-positive and HIV-negative women using  self-collected, community-based screening with the point of care Xpert HPV Assay in rural Zimbabwe”

Gregory Scott, MD, PhD
(CP Resident)

“Novel immunophenotype signatures for Kikuchi’s Disease, Castleman’s Disease, and Angiomyomatous Hamartoma: Rare diseases drawn out of large-scale normative data using an informatics approach”

Francisco Beca, MD, PhD
(AP Resident)

“Analysis of TCGA dataset and deep-learning based spacial mapping of histologic sections of patient derived xenographs reveal that alternative splicing of ERBB2 is associated with clinical aggressiveness”

Catherine Hogan, MD
(Clinical Fellow)

“Development of same-day antimicrobial susceptibility testing in patients with bloodstream infections with gram
negative rods”

Allison Zemek, MD
(CP Resident)

“Statistical model predicting hospital-wide daily platelet usage to minimize wastage”

Kelly Devereaux, MD, PhD
(CP Resident)

“Validation of CD274/PD-L1 FISH as a predictive biomarker for the use of  immune checkpoint therapies in undifferentiated malignancies”

Jonathan Lavezo, MD
(Clinical Fellow)

“Clinical and immunohistochemical analysis of clinically non-functional pituitary neuroendocrine tumors”

Joshua Segal, MD
(Clinical Fellow)

“The significance of morphologic dysplasia in 432 cases of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and acute leukemia of ambiguous lineage: Correlation with cytogenetic, immunophenotypic, and molecular findings”

Eric Gars, MD
(Clinical Fellow)

“The significance of hemophagocytosis
in bone marrow specimens of patients
with HLH”

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