2016 Research Retreat Winners

(held on April 23rd, 2016)


Reema Baskar

"The single cell landscape of chromatin regulation in human embryonic stem cells’ fate"

Cheen Euong Ang

"Dynamic expression changes during embryonic cortical inhibitory neuron specification and direct conversion of fibroblasts to neurons revealed long non-coding RNAs which are mutated in autism"

Jasmine King

“Depth characterization of specific lgE and total B cell repertoires in tissue and blood of allergic patients during immunotherapy”

Jonathan Tsai, PhD

“Site specific morphological and functional liver regeneration by fate restricted progenitors”


Chris Schulze, PhD

“Multiplexed in vivo screening identifies a serine hydrolase as a critical regulator of metastatic seeding in pancreatic cancer”


Nathan Reticker-Flynn, PhD

“Identifying the role of lymph node metastasis in induction of immune tolerance and the promotion of tumor progression”


Courtney Hodges, PhD

“Brg (SMARCA4) ATPase mutations disrupt direct interaction with PRC1 to enhance Polycomb activity”


Theresa Dinh, PhD

“Transcriptional regulation
of MAdCAM1”

Joanna Przybyl, PhD

“Comprehensive gene expression analysis identifies a unique molecular profile and macrophage infiltration in undifferentiated
uterine sarcomas”


Research Associates

Katherine Jackson

“Human B cell responses to acute Ebola virus infection”

Yu Hou

“Identification of a novel MPL mutation in a patient with cyclic thrombocytopenia and molecular characterization of
this syndrome”
(in association with Haiyu Zhang)

Haiyu Zhang

“Identification of a novel MPL mutation in a patient with cyclic thrombocytopenia and molecular characterization of this syndrome”
(in association with Yu Hou)

Clinical research

Dylan Dodd, MD
(CP Resident)

“A reductive pathway for aromatic amino acids yields nine circulating gut microbiota-derived metabolites”

Ryanne Brown, MD
(CP Resident)

“ETV3-NCOA2 translocation in indeterminate cell histiocytosis”

Jenny Hoffmann, MD
(AP Resident)

“A clinicopathologic analysis of the significance of Janus Kinase 3 activating mutations in extranodal natural killer/T-cell lymphomas, nasal type”

Ansuman Satpathy, MD
(CP Resident)

“Single cell epigenomics reveals chromatin signatures of clonal T cell populations”

Greg Charville, MD, PhD
(CP Resident)

“Expression of PAX7 distinguishes rhabodomyosarcoma from histologic mimics”

Eric Gars, MD
(AP Resident)

“A replicable CD271+ mesenchymal stromal cell density score: bringing the dysfunctional myelodysplastic syndrome niche to the diagnostic laboratory”

Clinical Fellows

Lisa McGinnis, MD, PhD

“Double-hit diffuse large B cell lymphomas with MYC gene rearrangements more commonly involve BCL2 than BCL6 gene rearrangements as the second hit: A large scale single institution study”

Melody Zhang, MD

“Value of NGS-based T cell clonality analysis in cases of mycosis fungoides with discrepant fragment size-based tissue and blood results”

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