2014 Research Retreat Winners

(held on May 31st, 2014)


Jonathan Tsai

“Regeneration of liver morphology and function in the neonatal mouse by fate-restricted progenitors”

Ernesto Lujan

“Successive reprogramming intermediates identified by prospective isolation and single cell mass cytometry”

Graham Walmsley

“Identification and targeted inhibition of a fibroblast lineage responsible for cutaneous scarring and cancer stroma”


Michael Kareta

“The Rb tumor suppressor restricts reprogramming by directly silencing pluripotency genes”

Kristina Oresic Bender

“Validation of a primary virulence factor cysteine protease as a therapeutic target for Clostridiu difficile infection”

Philipp Starkl

“IgE antibodies and FcεRI are critical mediators of acquired resistance against honeybee and Russell’s viper venom in mice”

Corina Buechele

“Use of novel genomic tools to prospectively investigate the pathogenesis of MLL-AF9 chromosomal translocation in acute leukemia”

Nupur Bhattacharya

“Retinoic acid mediates tumor-eradicating cytotoxic T cell responses in colitis-associated cancer”

Gerlinde Wernig

“Revised role of AP1 transcription factors
in leukemogenesis”

Research Associates

Hong Zhang

“Identification of a novel human plasmacytoid dendritic cell subset that induces plasma cell differentiation and antibody production”

Kyu-Sun Lee

“Roles of PINK1, mTORC2, and mitochondria in preserving brain tumor-forming stem cells in a non-canonical Notch signaling pathway”

Clinical research

Adam Gomez
(AP Resident)

“Clinicopathologic assess-ment of grade 1 acute gastrointestinal graft versus host disease: diagnostic threshold of crypt apoptotic bodies”

Trip Sweeney
(AP Resident)

“Identification of recurrent SMO and BRAF mutations in ameloblastomas”

Melody Zhang
(CP Resident)

“Effects of thrombopoietin mimetics on patients with chronic ITP: perspectives from blood transcriptome profiling analysis”

Karen Chisholm
(Clinical Fellow)

“Expression profile of MYC protein and MYC gene rearrangements in lymphoma”

Michael Clay
(AP Resident)

“Risk of secondary malignancy (including breast) in patients with mismatch repair protein deficiency"

Ryan Johnson
(CP Resident)

“CD271+ mesenchymal stromal cell density is increased in poor-risk myelodysplastic syndromes and independently predicts survival”

Serena Tan
(CP Resident)

“Developmental origin of lung macrophage diversity”

Martina Lefterova
(Clinical Fellow)

“A combined real-time PCR and sequencing method for identification of the five plasmodium species infecting humans from whole blood”

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