October 27 Oct 27
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Wednesday Wed

Pathology Grand Rounds

Presenting Guest Lecturer: John Lowe

Lowes Consulting
Former Department Chair/Senior Director of Pathology, Genentech

"Fucosylation-dependent Control of Immunity"

The Pathology Grand Rounds is open to those affiliated with Stanford University Medical Center and invited guests only. The objective is to increase knowledge in the field of Pathology. There is no commercial support received for this course unless otherwise specified.

Per COVID restrictions Grand Rounds are now available via ZOOM until further notice. Please contact Roomana Patel at roomana@stanford.edu or 650-725-9352 for ZOOM login information.

This lecture is hosted by Stanford Pathology Faculty

About the Speaker

John Lowe, MD

Lowes Consulting
Former Department Chair/Senio Director of Pathology, Genentech

John Lowe’s career has spanned two very different worlds. First, he thrived as an academic in pathology, primarily at the University of Michigan and Case Western Reserve University. Now he serves as senior director of pathology at the biotech giant, Genentech. Always passionate about drug discovery, the 1980 University of Utah Medical School graduate, who also launched two biotech companies, found intellectual stimulation in both stages of his career––and encourages students to keep an open mind.

John consults to academia, and to the biotech/pharma industries, in areas inclusive of pathology management and technology in clinical and drug discovery/development environments; review of management, strategy and quality of basic and applied biomedical research programs; scientific consulting in molecular, genetic and physiological aspects of glycobiology and glycoimmunology.