March 28 Mar 28
Monday Mon
Hybrid: L201 & ZOOM, PST

[CANCELLED] Ai - New Horizons for Histopathology

Guest Lecture by Jens Rittscher, PhD
Professor of Engineering Science, University of Oxford


Please note: This is a hybrid Lecture located in the Lane Building, Room L201 and via ZOOM:

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Faculty Host: Robert West, MD, Phd, Department of Pathology. This Lecture is open to faculty, trainees and students affiliated with Stanford University School of Medicine.

AI – New Horizons for Histopathology

While the digitisation of cellular pathology will lead to workflow improvements and more quantitative reporting, it opens up new and exciting opportunities for integrating genetic and molecular information with traditional pathology. The ability to associate the expression of bespoke biomolecules with cell and tissue architecture patterns holds the promise of advancing clinical decision making.

With our development of imCMS, an image-based predictor of consensus-based molecular subtypes of colorectal cancer we have provided one example that illustrates the concept of learning morpho-molecular correlations. This deep learning algorithm provides a cost-effective tool to associate complex features of tissue organisation with molecular and outcome data and to resolve unclassifiable or heterogeneous cases. In addition, I will provide additional examples that demonstrate the ability to predict genetic traits from morphological features. 

As part of this talk, I will also showcase examples of how machine learning-based approaches can advance the analysis of tissue-based multiplexing data. Finally, I will introduce the concept of linking 3D tissue imaging with traditional pathology and comment on how we plan to evaluate these new developments in the context of concrete cancer pathways.

— Jenns Rittscher, PhD

Jens Rittscher, PhD

Professor of Engineering Science
Senior Research Fellow, Harris Manchester College
Institute of Biomedical Engineering Big Data Institute
University of Oxford

Jens Rittscher is Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford with his appointment held jointly between the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and the Nuffield Department of Medicine. He is a group leader at the Big Data Institute and is affiliated with the Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research and the Wellcome Centre as an adjunct member. Previously, he was a senior research scientist and manager at GE Global Research (Niskyauna, NY, USA). His research interests lie in enabling biomedical imaging through the development of new algorithms and novel computational platforms, with a current focus to improve mechanistic understanding of cancer and patient care through quantitative analysis of image data. He is a co-director of the Oxford EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Health Data Science.  Presently, he serves on the executive committee of the Medical Image Analysis and the editorial board of Biological Imaging.

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