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Stanford Pathology Welcomes New Faculty

  • Bogdan Luca, PhD

    Bogdan Luca, PhD is an Bioinformatician/data scientist interested in developing computational methods and data science approaches that could facilitate the detection, stratification, clinical management, and treatment of cancer patients.

  • Shaneice Mitchell, PhD

    Shaneice Mitchell has joined Stanford Pathology as Instructor in Pathology specializing Immunology. Stanford Pathology welcomes you!…

  • Saisindhu Narala, MD

    Saisindhu Narala, MD, has joined Stanford Pathology as Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology specializing in Dermatopathology and Dermatology. Stanford Pathology welcomes you!…

  • Derick Okwan, MD, PhD

    Derick Okwan, MD, PhD, has joined Stanford Pathology asAssistant Professor specializing in Immunology. Stanford Pathology welcomes you!…