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The Stanford PANS Clinic was created with the vision of advancing PANS research, creating greater community awareness, and providing medical and psychiatric management with a holistic and integrated approach.

Our aim is to move beyond typical psychiatric approaches to make transformative changes in this field.

Our goal is to help coordinate groundbreaking research among committed basic and physician scientists on our Stanford University campus and among our dedicated collaborators in the PANS Research Consortium and other experts who may have knowledge and tools to expedite the cure.

We envision the development of a lasting cure likely based on developing immune tolerating agents.

As we are the first and only multidisciplinary PANS clinic in the world, funding is vital to advance patient care and produce research that can help guide clinicians around the world. We also hope to build a model of clinical care and research that will set the stage for discovering causes and treatments for other inflammatory brain conditions leading to psychiatric disease.

With your contribution...

With your contribution to the Stanford Children's Health PANS Clinic, we will strive to delineate the causes of this disease, establish reliable diagnostic tests, and develop effective therapeutic and preventative therapies.

Your gift will be applied towards pioneering work in the following areas:

Research - broadening and deepening our strengths by collaborating with scientists on the Stanford basic science campuses and scientists around the world to discover mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disease.

Clinical trials - increasing our capacity to conduct clinical research trials in order to offer diverse treatments tailored to patient's clinical disease subtypes; expanding opportunities to find the triggers and ultimately preventative strategies of PANS.

Training & Education- training undergraduates, graduates, fellows, and faculty to pursue careers in PANS research and clinical care with the goal to create a long lasting legacy of talented experts in the field and provide the required scientific and medical workforce to sustain PANS and other immunologically-driven psychiatric disease.

Community outreach - providing educational outreach programs and working closely with the community including pediatricians, schools, and community health officials. 


Thank you for your support which directly fuels our research to better inform patient care treatment at Stanford and beyond.  

If you prefer to speak about specific programmatic funding needs, please contact our gifts officer, Kelly Abundo.