Stanford PANS Clinical Research Staff

Jennifer Frankovich, MD, MS 
PANS Clinical Biorepository Director, PANS Research Program Director

  • Clinical Professor
  • Stanford Children's Health
  • Pediatric Rheumatology

Jacquelyn Horgan, MHA

  • PANS Program Manager

Cindy Manko, MS

  • Clinical Research Coordinator

Maroof Khan, BS

  • Clinical Research Assistant

Margo Thienemann, MD
Director of Psychiatry Services &
PANS Psychiatrist (expertise in O.C.D.)

  • Clinical Professor
  • Stanford Children's Health
  • Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences -
    Child & Adolesecent Psychiatry 

Jaynelle Gao, MS

  • Research Analyst

Brianna Peet, BS

  • Research Assistant

Emily Mendoza, BS

  • Research Assistant

Mei Ma, MD
Pediatric Rheumatologist

  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Stanford Children's Health
  • Pediatric Rheumatology

Laurie Columbo, RN, MPH

  • Clinical Research Manager

Hannah Jones

  • Research Assistant

Wynne Zheng, BS

Clinical Research Assistant

Jane Zebrack

  • Research Assistant

Congratulations to our Staff, Research Assistants, Fellows, Interns, and Volunteers who have gone on to graduate programs and medical school!

  • Iris Bai
  • Anne McHugh, MD 
  • Madison Houston
  • Angeline Truong
  • Jaynelle Gao, MS
  • Carolyn Herrera
  • Avis Chan, MD 
  • Matthew Parham
  • Tiffany Phu
  • Collin Leibold
  • Grace Goodwin
  • Hannah Karpel
  • Kayla Brown
  • Gabbi Kamalani
  • Ellen Spartz
  • Talia Mahony

We are also very grateful to serve as a mentor for various students and programs

  • STEP-UP program
  • Kayla Darabi and Oluwaseun Ademiloye

To learn more about volunteer or research opportunities with our program, please contact