Educational Resources For Clinicans and Patient Families

Neuroimmune Panel Consultations

Dr. Frankovich and other leaders and experts in the field meet monthly to review and provide consultation for challenging and complex PANS/ PANS-related cases submitted by clinicians.  This event is put on by the Neuroimmune Foundation with funding provided by the North Carolina DHHS. 

PANS Continuing Education (1 CME)

Presentation and Management of Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS)

This CME activity curated by Margo Thienemann, MD (Director of Psychiatry Services-Stanford Immune Behavioral Health Clinic) provides a practical approach to the recognition and management of Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome, also referred to as PANS. PANS is relatively newly understood, under-identified, and therefore under-treated in clinical practice. In PANS, “medical” infectious and inflammatory diseases present with severe, often debilitating “mental” psychiatric and neurological symptoms. When the connections between infection, inflammation and PANS symptoms are not suspected and identified, the opportunity for clinical treatment may be missed or delayed.  During this course, typical presentations will be illustrated with case scenarios. Different aspects of evaluation will be demonstrated, including physical examination for neurological soft signs. Treatment algorithms will also be demonstrated, and the role of family education, multidisciplinary coordination and need for school accommodations will be discussed.

NIH Clinical Grand Rounds, 2016

Dr. Susan Swedo, MD and Dr. Jennifer Frankovich, MD presented at the NIH Clinical Grand Rounds April 20, 2016.  Their Presentation was (1) An Overview of PANDAS, PANS and other Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Disorders and (2) HLA Association and Evidence for the Role of Inflammation in PANDAS/PANS

An Interview with Dr. Frankovich

A 2019 interview with the Neuroimmune Foundation President, Anna Conkey and Stanford PANS Research Program Director, Jennifer Frankovich MD MS

Phoenix Children's Hospital Pediatric Grand Rounds, 2019

Dr. Frankovich gives Grand Rounds at Phoenix Children's Hospital in Arizonia on April 30, 2019

Infection, Inflammation, and Mental Health

SANE Sweden 2019

Dr. Frankovich joined leaders and colleagues at SANE-an international conference on PANS and immunopsychiatry in Malmö, Sweden on October 3rd-4th 2019. She gave a presentation entitled "Evidence for Inflammation in PANS- A Rheumatologist's Perspetive" 

Dartmouth Hitchcock Pediatric Grand Rounds, 2019

Dr. Frankovich's traveled to Dartmouth to give a Pediatric Grand Rounds presentation entitled “Infection, Inflammation, and Mental Health: Mapping the Connections" at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center February 20th, 2019.