How Do I Get Palliative Care?

Get connected to palliative care at Stanford Health Care

Ask for a Referral

Ask your doctor or nurse to connect you to palliative care.  They will send a note (or "make a referral") for you. Your primary care doctor, hospital team, or your specialist can do this for you.

Choose Where You Want to be Seen

We have services available in the hospital (called our inpatient consult services).  We also have clinics outside of the hospital (our outpatient palliative care).

Our clinic palliative care teams are located in Palo Alto, San Jose, and Emeryville.

Our clinic palliative care teams provide:  in-person visits, video visits, and telephone visits

Need palliative care outside of Stanford Health Care?

We understand that coming to Stanford for palliative care is not right for everyone. There are multiple choices for palliative care in the Bay Area.

Check out for more information about finding a palliative care provider near you.