Vision & Mission

Core Values

Community: We recognize that community is the fundamental fabric of our society, and it is the foundation to connecting to people and advocating for change. Through our work, we hope to inspire and impassion our Stanford palliative care community, while building strong, lasting, and loving partnerships with our colleagues and with the diverse, vibrant communities that surround Stanford.

Empowerment: We acknowledge that power differentials in health care can make it difficult for individuals to ask for their needs to be met. Our work aims to give individuals information and resources that help them advocate for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Equity: We strive to develop work products that are inclusive of the diversity that enriches our surrounding community. We acknowledge that there are significant disparities in our community and within the provision of palliative care services. We recognize that it will take careful attention and special focus to address these issues.

Integrity: We believe it is critical to adhere to our core values. We commit to conduct our work honestly and strive to be dependable, forthcoming, and open. As we work with communities both in and outside of Stanford, we aim to approach these encounters with an attitude of humility, acknowledging the limits of our own expertise.

Dignity: We recognize that every individual has a right to be treated with respect and dignity even when their goals, values, and priorities may be different from our own. Through our work, we strive to help individuals maintain and advocate for their dignity while empowering providers to provide care that recognizes the dignity of all people.

Sustainability: We will focus on efforts that will be built to last. For all work we do, we aim to be conscientious of sustainability plans for who will own project work in the long term and how we can weave this work into the fabric of our community so that it is intertwined within the normal operations.


A world where all people receive health care that relieves suffering and pursues the goals that matter most to them.


For people and those close to them 

To raise community awareness and knowledge of palliative care’s role in improving quality of life and pursuing the goals that matter most to people living with a serious illness, and those close to them.

For healthcare professionals

To elevate all providers’ essential palliative care skills and increase their use of palliative care as a collaborative partner in pursuing the goals that matter most to people living with serious illness, and those close to them.