MAPP: Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Pelvin Pain

About the Study 

The Multi-disciplinary Approach to the Study of Chronic Pelvic Pain (Trans-MAPP) seeks to understand how pain is felt in patients with chronic pelvic pain. This is a multi-center study occurring at 6 locations throughout the country.

What will I be asked to do?

There are two visits involved – a behavioral testing session and 1 MRI scan

Each appointment will last 2-4 hours

At your appointments you will fill out questionnaires and have tests of pain processing

Who can participate in MAPP?

  • We need 3 groups of individuals for this study:
    • Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain
    • Women with Fibromyalgia
    • Women without a chronic pain condition
  • No metallic implants or metal fragments in the body
  • Not pregnant or planning to become pregnant

Is there any compensation?

Participants will earn up to $100 per visit for their time and travel expenses.

How do I learn more?

Please call 650.497.0485 or email

For more information about the larger national study, follow this link to the study website.

Who is on the Research Team?

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sean Mackey

Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Katie Martucci, PhD

Research Coordinator: Lauren Foster