In February 2009, we relocated our pain clinic to a new 7,500 square-foot clinical facility at the Stanford Medicine Outpatient Center (SMOC) in Redwood City, tripling our original square footage. SMOC is a state-of-the-art facility in which we are able to deliver interdisciplinary treatment strategies. The center’s decor and ambiance were modeled after a 5-star hotel, and technologically the center serves as the model for the new Stanford Hospital currently under construction. In addition to our pain clinic, the center has on-site radiological services (MRIs, CT scans, X-rays) and fluoroscopy suites. We are extremely enthusiastic about our future in the new facility and are certain that our new class of fellows will share our excitement.

“We are very excited about the possibilities for patient care our expanded space at the Outpatient Center will support,” says Pain Management Center Director Sean Mackey, MD, PhD. “We also know that our proximity to other clinics in the Outpatient Center will enrich our ability to offer patients the most convenient coordinated care, to help them understand how they can help themselves to modify and control their experience of pain.”

The staff at the Pain Management Center works closely with surgeons and other physicians in pioneering approaches to pain relief and control. The center’s comprehensive treatment philosophy and its innovative techniques using nerve blocks and other procedures gained helped it to gain recognition as one of the nation’s Centers of Excellence recognized by the American Pain Society. Stanford first received this recognition in 2008 and most recently again in 2012. The center’s new location means easier access to the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for patient evaluations. The center’s team of pain specialists have also found it easier to collaborate to build multidisciplinary treatments for their patients.