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Fei-Fei Li, PhD

Co-Director, Partnership in AI-Assisted Care
Co-Director, Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute
Professor of Computer Science

Fei-Fei is currently the Co-Director of the Human-Centered AI Institute, a Stanford University Institute to advance AI research, education, policy and practice to benefit humanity, by bringing together interdisciplinary scholarship across the university.

Ehsan Adeli, PhD.

Scientist, Stanford AI Lab, Stanford Vision and Learning, Computer Science Department
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford School of Medicine

Doctoral Students

Alan Luo

Doctoral Student, Computer Science

Alan is a Ph.D. student in the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab, advised by Prof. Fei-Fei Li. His main research interests include weakly-supervised learning, transfer learning, and deep learning.

Zane Durante

Doctoral Student, Computer Science

Zane is a PhD student in Computer Science and is currently rotating with Prof. Fei-Fei Li. His research interests include self-supervised learning, multimodal signal processing, and AI for healthcare. Admitted Autumn 2021.

Tiange Xiang

Doctoral Student, Computer Science

Tiange is a PhD student in Computer Science and is currently rotating with Prof. Fei-Fei Li. His research interests include 3D vision, deep learning, and AI for healthcare.


Graduate Students

Edwin Pan

Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering

Edwin is a Master's student at Stanford University working on the next generation of intelligent sensing through the equitable application of artificial intelligence for computer vision applications.

Rob Harries

Graduate Student, Computer Science  and Physics

Rob is currently working towards his Master's in Computer Science degree at Stanford University, focusing on Transferrable Representations, Meta-Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. His long-term goal is to improve the flexibility and applicability of machine-learned knowledge, supercharging the capabilities of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.

Ruochen (Chloe) Liu

Graduate Student, Computer Science

Chloe is a Master’s student in computer science and she is interested in the intersection of machine learning and social good.

Tina Li

Graduate Student, Computer Science

Tina is interested in applying computer vision as a force for social good and tackling real-world challenges in health care.

Zhuoyi Huang

Graduate Student, Computer Science

Zhuoyi is a master's student major in computer science, her research interests lay in data-driven machine learning, computer vision and reinforcement, as well as their applications in health care and clinical trials.

Undergraduate Students

Chris Kim

Undergraduate Student, Computer Science - Joined April 2022

Chris is interested in physics, computer science, mathematics, and biochemistry with previous experience in institutional and independent research, Computer-Aided Design, visual design, robotics, and computer programming under multiple languages.

Emily Jin

Undergraduate Student, Computer Science & Math

Emily is a member of PAC whose research interests lie in machine learning and computer vision.

Eunice Yang

Undergraduate Student, Computer Science - Joined April 2021

Eunice is a member of PAC. Her main research interests include machine learning and computer vision, with a focus on applications in healthcare and medical AI

Eva Prakash

Undergraduate Student, Computer Science - Joined April 2022

Linden Sky Li

Undergraduate Student, Computer Science            

Neha Srivathsa

Undergraduate Student, Computer Science

Neha is a member of PAC, Her research interests lie in human-centered artificial intelligence and machine learning, toward improving health outcomes.

Roshan Swaroop

Undergraduate Student, Computer Science - Joined April 2022

Shreyas Kar

Undergraduate Student, Computer Science - Joined September 2022

Shreyas intends on using artificial intelligence and machine learning to better the world.  Shreyas is the founder of Community AI that helps high and middle school students to unleash the power of AI for social good. He also worked on several independent research projects to help the community and the environment using artificial intelligence. For his work, he has received several national and international awards and recognition. Earlier he worked for the PORTAL group at Harvard Medical School as a member of Research Science Institute (RSI). His research there focussed on quantifying the impact of EHR-Discontinuity on prediction modeling algorithms.


Arnold Milstein

Co-Director Partnership in AI-Assisted Care, Director Clinical Excellence Research Center

Dr. Milstein is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford and directs the University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center. The Center engages faculty from Health, Computer, and Social Sciences in the discovery and replication of innovative health care delivery methods that safely lower per capita health care spending for excellent care.

Kevin Schulman

Clinical PI (PAC), Director of Industry Partnership and Education (CERC), Director Master of Science in Clinical Informatics Management (MCiM)

Dr. Schulman was appointed as Professor of Medicine, Associate Chair of Business Development and Strategy in the Department of Medicine, Director of Industry Partnerships and Education for the Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC) at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and, by courtesy, Professor of Economics at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in June, 2018. He is the Founding Faculty Director of the Master of Science in Clinical Informatics Management (MCiM) Program in the Stanford School of Medicine.

Amit Kaushal

Amit Kaushal, MD, PhD is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (Stanford-VA) and Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University. Dr. Kaushal's work spans clinical medicine, teaching, research, and industry.

Paul Tang

Dr. Paul Tang is Adjunct Professor at the Clinical Excellence Research Center at Stanford University and a practicing internist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Most recently, he was Vice President, Chief Health Transformation 

Officer at IBM Watson Health,  responsible for applying artificial intelligence technologies to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. 

Jason Bae

Dr. Jason Bae is the medical director of Prealize Health, which uses machine learning to power proactive health care, and an internal medicine physician at Palo Alto Medical Foundation. His work has focused on design and implementation of novel care delivery models.

Swati DiDonato, MD. MBA

Dr. DiDonato is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Stanford School of Medicine. She is the co-lead of Stanford's Value Based Care Academy, serves as Stanford's MD/MBA career advisor, and has worked with a variety of companies focused on bringing the latest technology to healthcare.

Vittavat (Tor) Termglinchan

Dr. Vittavat (Tor) Termglinchan is an Instructor at the Clinical Excellence Research Center at Stanford University. He is very passionate about elderly care and health innovations to better the care of older adults and to reduce caregiver burden. He will utilize his expertise to conduct translational research on using computer vision technology to continuously detect seniors’ behaviors and provide the corresponding descriptive analytics. 


Shrinidhi Lakshmikanth

PAC Data Engineer

Interested in Machine Learning / Deep Learning. Working on cloud infrastructure for data collection.

Tracy Terada

Research Operations Manager

Tracy is a 15+ year administrative veteran for the Stanford School of Medicine.  She started at the Lane Medical Library and is currently with the Clinical Excellence Research Center. 

Clinical Partners & Healthcare Professionals

Andrea Jonas

Dr. Andrea Jonas is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine at Stanford University. 

William Beninati M.D

Critical Care Physician, Intermountain Healthcare Medical Director, Telecritical Care

Bill is a critical care physician with a longstanding commitment to critical care patient

Haya Rubin

Dr. Haya Rubin, MD is a Internal Medicine Specialist in Palo Alto, CA and has over 39 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine medical school in 1982.

Vincent Liu

Vincent Liu, MD, MS, is a research scientist at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research. His work focuses on the intersection of sepsis, acute severe illness, informatics, and health care delivery with a goal of building towards a learning hospital system.

Brandi Campbell


PhD Students

Albert Haque, 2015-20.

Serena Yeung, 2013-18.


Masters Students

Ruta Suhas Joshi, 2021-2022

Zijing "Christie" Di, 2021-2022

Bingxian Chen, 2021-2022

Ketan Agrawal, 2021-2022

Mandy Lu, 2020-2021

JQ Zhang, 2020-2021

Akash Chaurasia, 2020-2021

Louis Blankemeier, 2020-21

Michael John Cooper, 2020-21

Isa Liang, 2020-21

Sid Kapoor, 2020-21

Michelle Guo, 2017-20.

Haoye Cai, 2019-20.

Bingbin Liu, 2017-19.

Edward Chou, 2017-19.

Emanuel Cortes, 2017-19.

Jun-Ting Hsieh, 2017-19.

Rishab Mehra, 2017-19.

Samira Daswani, 2018-19.

Josh Beal, 2017-18.

Sanyam Mehra, 2017-18.

Gabriel Bianconi, 2017.

Emma Boya Peng, 2015-17.

Alisha Rege, 2016-17.


Undergraduate Students

Sidney Hough, 2021-2022

Ayush Singla, 2021-2022

Daniel Wu, 2021-2022

Chris Waites, 2021-2022

Kevin Liu, 2021-2022

Stephen Su, 2021-2021


High School Students

Amy Jin, 2016-18.

Lily Li, 2017-18.