General Volunteer Information

Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering with Pacific Free Clinic! We are a student-run clinic that relies on a robust volunteer base. However, due to logistical and legal barriers, we have strict volunteer eligibility criteria. If you are considering volunteering, please note the following:

  • Eligible to volunteer - visit your respective volunteer page on the left sidebar for more information
    • Stanford undergraduate students
      • Please do not enroll in MED 181/182/241/242 if you have not been accepted as a volunteer
    • Stanford MD/PA students
    • Physicians who are credentialed by a facility with which we have a credentialing agreement
    • Limited eligibility: Stanford Master's and PhD students
      • Master's and PhD students must be able to enroll in our training course (MED 181) in the winter quarter and must be able to continue volunteering as a Stanford student until at least one year following the course


  • Ineligible to volunteer
    • Stanford staff
    • Post-baccalaureate students at Stanford
    • Stanford alumni who are no longer Stanford students
    • Community members
    • High school students