Tuition and Fees

Please note that standard/expected academic progress is based on nine (9) quarters of curriculum. 

*Health Insurance: No additional charge for summer if autumn, winter, and spring quarters paid.

** Disability Insurance: $41 is a one-time fee assessed in winter quarter only.

*** The Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) fees are established by student vote in Spring Quarter. Fees directly fund activities of student organizations and not operations of ASSU. The 2021-22 fees are $45 per quarter for all graduate students. ASSU fees are assessed in Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters and can be waived subject to certain conditions. Waivers can be requested during the first three weeks of each quarter. The window for requesting waivers begins on the first Monday of each quarter and remains open for three calendar weeks. Contact the ASSU for details. Waivers granted result in a credit to the student's University bill.

Document Fee: A one-time document fee of $250 is assessed upon first admission to Stanford as a graduate or undergraduate. 

For more information on fees, please view the Fees page in the Stanford Bulletin.


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Learn More about Student Housing

Master of Science in PA Studies Program students are eligible for graduate housing.  To learn more about costs and options, please visit the Stanford University Housing website.

Learn More about Graduate Housing Loan Program

If you are moving to off-campus housing and need a loan to cover move-in expenses, you may be interested in this loan. Please contact the University's financial aid office with any questions.