One approach, endless applications.

Our Voice is proud to partner with institutions around the world to launch citizen science projects ranging from environmental justice to age-friendly walking paths. 

Though the Our Voice approach can be tailored to nearly inumerable project topics, recent research topics have included walking environments, food environments, biking environments, social environments, mental health, physical activity, safety and violence prevention, wellbeing and quality of life, age-friendly environments, school & campuses, parks and green spaces, transportation, housing, disability access, work environments, substance abuse, and civic engagement.  


Parks and Green Space

Harnessing Citizen Science to Assess and Improve Utilization of Metropolitan Parks: the Park Activity, Recreation, and Community Study (PARCS) in St. Louis, MO

Associated Project: Park Activity, Recreation, and Community (PARCS) Study

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A Mixed Method Study to Inform the Implementation and Expansion of Pop-Up Parks for Economic, Behavioral, and Social Benefits

Associated Project: Pop-up Parks in Northern California

Winters SJ, Sheats JL, Salvo D, Banda JA, Quinn J, Rivera RB, King AC. Journal of Urban Health, 2020.

Engaging Citizen Scientists to Build Healthy Park Environments in Colombia

Associated Projects: Nuestra Voz en la Ciudad

María Alejandra Rubio, Camilo Triana, Abby C. King, Lisa G. Rosas, Ann W. Banchoff, Oscar Rubiano, Benjamin W. Chrisinger, Olga L. Sarmiento. Health Promotion International, 2020.

Impacts of a Temporary Urban Pop-Up Park on Physical Activity and Other Individual- and Community-Level Outcomes

Salvo D, Sheats JL, Winter SJ, Lopes dos Santos D, King AC. Journal of Urban Health, 2017.

Our Voice Impact

"This experience has changed my life.  I see inadequacies everywhere I go as it relates to pedestrian access and safety.  I even stop [at] construction sites to remind them to be considerate of the handicapped in our community.  Thank you all so much for this awareness and empowerment to require change."

~ Pam Jiner, GirlTrek Advocacy Leader, Denver CO