The Influence of the University Campus Environment on Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Habits

Project Date: 2018 - Present

Project Description:

In this project, students identify barriers and facilitators in the campus environment in terms of physical activity and healthy eating.  Through their involvement with the project, the students are able to prioritise issues for change.  Researchers work with AUSM and empower students to link up with Auckland University of Technology (AUT) senior management and advocate for change.


  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Stanford University


  • AUT students in the four campuses

Research Question:

Does the current AUT campus environment encourages physical activity and healthy eating for university students?

Our Voice Impact

"This experience has changed my life.  I see inadequacies everywhere I go as it relates to pedestrian access and safety.  I even stop [at] construction sites to remind them to be considerate of the handicapped in our community.  Thank you all so much for this awareness and empowerment to require change."

~ Pam Jiner, GirlTrek Advocacy Leader, Denver CO