Nuestra Voz in Mexico: Exploring the Potential of Social Mobilization to Promote Active Living

Project Date: January 2014 - August 2014


Instituto Nacional De Salud Pública


  • 32 older adults and 9 adolescents
  • High and low income Mexican neighborhoods


  • Identify how neighborhoods with different income levels may objectively define "walkability" differently 
  • Identify and generate community-driven strategies to address actionable barriers to healthy living  

Activities and Outcomes

  • Formation of a citizen coalition to increase neighborhood cohesion
  • Development of a resident-driven campaign to curb, leash, and clean up afer stray of unleashed dogs
  • Cross-generational dialogue about addressing neighborhood grafitti


Goldman Rosas L, Buman MP, Castro CM, et al. Harnessing Technology and Citizen Science to Support Neighborhoods that Promote Active Living in Mexico. Journal of Urban Health, 2016.


  • Stanford Global Health Seed Grant  

Our Voice Impact

"This experience has changed my life.  I see inadequacies everywhere I go as it relates to pedestrian access and safety.  I even stop [at] construction sites to remind them to be considerate of the handicapped in our community.  Thank you all so much for this awareness and empowerment to require change."

~ Pam Jiner, GirlTrek Advocacy Leader, Denver CO