The Our Voice Impact

Creating healthier communties from the bottom up.

Our Voice supports communities members as agents of local change. Check out this video for a glimpse at the impacts across our global network. 

Community Engagement

Since 2017, citizen scientists have used the Stanford Discovery Tool to collect...

Levels of Impact

By using their own data and working with others, even small groups of citizen scientists can successfully make positive changes happen for the whole community.

We typically think of these change happening at four levels: individual, community, built environment, and policy.

Level of Impact Examples
Individual Increased sense of self-efficacy, social cohesion, and co-responsibility for community change
Social/Community New walking groups, community gardens, cooking classes, educational campaigns, and cross-sector collaborations
Built Environment  New and improved sidewalks, bike paths and public trails; more community-friendly parks; new signage and signals; better lighting, benches, bus shelters, etc.
Policy/Funding New funds for clean-up and maintenance; healthier food options at schools; increased access to public sports facilities; lower speed limits

To date, the multi-level impacts across Our Voice projects have been estimated to reach over 1/2 million people worldwide.

See how Our Voice communities across the globe are enacting change across all levels below:

Sample local impacts are featured below

Sample national impacts are featured below

Sample global impacts are featured below

Our Voice Impact

"This experience has changed my life.  I see inadequacies everywhere I go as it relates to pedestrian access and safety.  I even stop [at] construction sites to remind them to be considerate of the handicapped in our community.  Thank you all so much for this awareness and empowerment to require change."

~ Pam Jiner, GirlTrek Advocacy Leader, Denver CO