Current Oro Laboratory Members

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Anthony Oro MD/PhD

Principal Investigator 

Inna Gitman

Inna is the lab administrative assistant. In her free time she enjoys singing with different choral groups.

Daniel Haensel PhD

Daniel is a postdoc working on understanding mechanisms of basal cell carcinoma resistance with a particular interest on the contribution of stromal cells.   

Ying Yang PhD

Ying is a postdoc focusing on transcriptional and epigenetic regulations of epithelial basal cells during hPSC differentiation. 

Alessandro Bailetti PhD

Alessandro is a postdoc working on understanding how the initiation factors and maturation factors orchestrate the genomic landscape during epithelial development. Alessandro is also a strong supporter of diversity and inclusion in STEM and higher education.

Anna Jussila PhD

Anna is a postdoc in the lab investigating interactions between tumor and adjacent stromal cells in basal cell carcinoma.

Egor Sedov PhD

Egor is a postdoc in the lab, investigating novel transcription factor networks that contribute to childhood birth defects.

Aubrey Auerbach

Aubrey is a life science research professional working to support the lab's ongoing research projects by creating and maintaining mouse colonies. In her free time,  she enjoys exploring new places and restaurants, and spending time outdoors.


Sadhana Gaddam

 Sadhana, a bioinformatician, assists with data and bioinformatics analyses in the lab.  In her free time she enjoys music and  exploring new places.

Hanson Zhen MD

Hanson is the Oro Laboratory Manager and leads the Therapeutic Reprogramming effort in the lab. He is focused on development of scalable and cGMP compatible skin differentiation protocols. 

Jessica Torkelson

Jessica is a former CIRM Bridges fellow and current Life Science Research Professional who studies the mechanism of skin differentiation from human iPSCs and stem cells.

Nancy Li 

Nancy is a graduate student in the Cancer Biology program. She is investigating epigenetic mechanisms of basal cell carcinoma resistance to targeted therapies.

Fernanda Gonzalez 

Fernanda is a graduate student in the Cancer Biology program. She is researching how nuclear structural proteins function to regulate the Hedgehog pathway. She also enjoys hiking, dog petting and volunteering.

Carmel McCullough

Carmel is a medical student in the Physician Scientist Training Program. She is focused on developing cell-based therapy for Epidermolysis bullosa esophageal strictures. She also enjoys dancing and baking in her free time.

Woo Joo Kwon 

Woo Joo is a co-term master's student in Bioengineering. She is working with the EB esophagus team to develop cell-based therapy methods. In her free time, she enjoys running, fencing, and watching Kdramas.

Franco Felix 

Franco is a graduate student in the Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine PhD Program. His work investigates transcriptional and epigenetic networks which drive stem cell lineage commitment during early human skin development.

Michelle Kinney

Michelle is a graduate student in Biology. She is investigating how aPKC regulates the Hedgehog pathway. She enjoys swimming and painting in her free time.


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