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Our laboratory uses the skin and other epithelia to answer unresolved questions in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, cancer genetics and metastasis, and degenerative diseases. We aim to use our basic discoveries to develop novel cellular and molecular therapies for epithelial diseases and demonstrate their effectiveness in clinic. In the process, our goal is to train the brightest and most promising biomedical scientists using the newest stem cell, genomic, and bioinformatic approaches. 

Address:                                                                 Administrative Assistant:

Oro Laboratory                                                         Inna Gitman

269 Campus Drive CCSR 2145                             innag@stanford.edu

Stanford, CA 94305                                                  650-736-7473


650-723-8762 (FAX)



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Oro Laboratory CCSR 2145

269 Campus Dr CCSR 2145
Stanford, CA 94305
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