Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery | Orbital Oncology

Our ophthalmic plastic & reconstructive surgeons have undergone specialized training to perform a broad spectrum of eyelid, facial, tear duct and orbit (eye socket) surgeries in adults and children.  Goals of these procedures include restoring normal function, treating diseases and injuries affecting the soft tissues and bones around the eyes, and improving cosmetic appearance with both surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Our Doctors

Natalie Anne Homer, MD
Clinical Instructor of Ophthalmology
Andrea Lora Kossler, MD, FACS
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
Albert Y. Wu, MD, PhD, FACS
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

More Information

Byers Eye Institute at Stanford
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For Functional Appointments
Tel: 650.723.6995
Fax: 650.723.6619

For Cosmetic Appointments
Tel: 650.498.6995

Group Photo

(L to R): Carolyn Savage, MPA, PA-C, physician assistant; Clara Men, MD, clinical instructor of ophthalmology; Andrea Kossler, MD, FACS, associate professor of ophthalmology; and Natalie Homer, MD, clinical instructor of ophthalmology