2020 News Stories

  • Vision restoration in glaucoma

    Laura Dubrow has approached the challenges of life-long glaucoma in both eyes with courage, determination, and a sense of humor.

  • A global career path

    Byers Eye Institute at Stanford chief resident Malini Pasricha, MD, grew up in the United States, but whenever visiting her ancestral home in Rayavaram, Tamil Nadu, India, she was often struck by two major disparities: limited access to healthcare and minimal career opportunities for women.

  • Pursuing excellence through diversity, equity, and inclusion

    The year 2020 was momentous in many ways, including the heightened attention to issues of systemic injustice towards minorities that have long existed in our society.

  • Advancing clinical research in the age of COVID-19

    In clinical trials, both patients and faculty have to carefully balance potential benefits against potential risks in deciding who should be in a clinical trial—and this year the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford faced a new risk in that calculation.

  • Improving ophthalmologic care through artificial intelligence

    For some, hearing the words artificial intelligence, or AI, sparks imaginative scenes of robot overlords, self-driving cars, dystopian surveillance, chatbots, and machines replacing humans at work.

  • Solving corneal blindness with implantable video technology

    Corneal blindness is a leading cause of blindness worldwide. More than 12 million patients remain on cornea transplant waitlists while suffering from corneal blindness, but an idea from one researcher may have an answer.