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Evaluation and Assessment

In addition to the periodic assessment of the fellow’s training progress, at 1 year, just before the fellowship completes, a final exit interview will be conducted between the Fellow and the Fellowship Director to facilitate final evaluations of the Fellow and of the program.

Throughout the fellowship, the Fellow is encouraged to discuss with the Fellowship Director and/or any faculty member about his/her career plans and how the faculty can help.  As mentorship is a major component for the development of the Fellow into an accomplished medical retina specialist, the Fellowship Director will ensure that the Fellow is taught and guided properly throughout and after the fellowship and will stand ready to assist the Fellow in any way, from getting the first academic or private practice position after the fellowship to becoming a member of a society to submitting his/her first grant.   Whenever possible, the Fellow will be encouraged to exercise his/her expertise after the fellowship and practice in underserved regions in America so that many patients with retinal diseases can receive expert care. And a true sense of helping another human being through medicine, can be achieved.

We welcome you to join hands with us as we strive to eliminate blindness – one eye at a time...

Quan Dong Nguyen, MD, MSc, FAAO