OHNS Brings Together Entire Department to Discuss Latest Research

NOV. 14, 2016

On November 11, 2016, the OHNS department hosted its 7th Research Day at the Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge. We sat down with Co-Chairs, Dr. Alan Cheng (AC) and Dr. Elizabeth Erickson-DiRenzo (ED) to learn more about this event.

What is OHNS Research Day?

ED: Research Day is an annual event [where] research and clinical faculty as well as trainees have the opportunity to take a break from their typical duties and share what they have accomplished over the past year in terms of research as well as discuss their plans for the year ahead. It’s an ideal chance to build collaborations and receive feedback from your colleagues. 

AC: It’s really a day everyone in our department dedicates to discussing research and building collaboration. It’s almost like a retreat.

What was your vision for this year's Research Day?

ED:  To support a welcome and open environment where all members of OHNS felt compelled to share in their research accomplishments and goals.

AC: To make sure it was engaging and interactive among everyone in the department, and allow faculty to share their research ideas and get others involved.

Reflecting back on the day, what surprised you?

ED: The diversity and scope of research occurring in the department it always a wonderful and welcome surprise. All members of the department are taking part in research at some level. It is remarkable to see how these individuals are seeking to improve patient care with their endeavors. 

AC: It wasn't a surprise, but it was still amazing to see how the department has grown so much in both the diversity and depth of our research, from head and neck to otology, from laryngology to pediatric otolaryngology.

What do you hope participants take away from Research Day?

ED: That all participants learn something new and are motivated to continue their own research endeavors. 

AC: While this happens only once a year, I really hope that this event helps cultivate research in everyone in the department. I hope everyone tries to incorporate this into their career from day to day. I also hope that new collaborations are built from the interactions.

Dr. Christopher Holsinger presents his research in Berg Hall.