What will my Gift Do?

Find cures for hearing loss

We have the ability to find solutions for hearing loss and to bring these discoveries to patients. There are 330 million people, especially children in the third world, that we could potentially help.  Did someone you know struggle with hearing loss or ear infections and you wished there was better treatments? Our own research is now leading to clinical trials of new therapeutics that restore hearing. With your support we can directly bring more of our discoveries to patients faster and help more people.


Develop the researchers of the future

Many of our junior researchers, including students and postdocs, struggle to get grants early on so we need to support them through our own funding early on so we can bring their new ideas to help solve these longstanding problems. With your support we will have the resources to nurture these bright minds early, keep them from leaving research and sustain a legacy of researchers committed to curing hearing loss.


Help others contribute too

Your support not only helps us directly but indirectly leads others to help too. By leading the way through giving, it helps as rally our cause in many different fund raising opportunities.


Say "thanks"

We are fortunate to be able to make a difference in people lives today through our clinical work and it makes us so happy to see that we can continue to help the patients of the future through our research.

Please specify "Santa Maria Lab" in the "Special Instructions/Other Designation" field.