Audiology Externship

Matthew Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

12 month program

The audiology externship program at Stanford provides comprehensive training in audiology at the Stanford Ear Institute.  Fellows will receive comprehensive training in audiometry, hearing aids, cochlear implants, vestibular assessment (VHIT, VEMP, VNG and rotational testing), electrophysiologic assessment (ABR, ASSR, cortical potentials), and osseointegrated devices. Audiology fellows also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of research projects.  Stanford University offers three externship tracks for Audiologists in their last year of training.

Track 1
Adult emphasis (80% adult, 20% pediatric)

Track 2
Pediatric emphasis  (80% pediatric, 20% adult)

Track 3 
Research emphasis   (50% research, 50% clinic)

Application materials

            Cover letter



            3 letters of recommendation

Deadline for applications
September 1

Contact information

Matthew Fitzgerald, Ph.D  (

Austin Swanson, Au.D.  (

Melissa Tribble, Au.D. (