Join us for an interview with Dr. Mijiza Sanchez-Guzman

As Stanford’s Associate Dean of Medical Student Affairs, Dr. Sanchez leads the charge for medical student programming including orientation, advising, student wellness, learning strategies, financial aid, Match Day, graduation, and the transitions between pre-clinical training, clerkships, and alumni status at the School of Medicine. In addition to her role as an Associate Dean, Dr. Sanchez is a member of the School of Medicine’s Diversity Cabinet, a co-advisor for the Stanford University Minority Medical Alliance (SUMMA), and an education scholar who develops tools to measure the effectiveness of service delivery to students, faculty, and staff within academic medical centers.

In our inaugural episode of The ST Segment, we had the chance to talk to Dr. Sanchez about her many roles in Student Affairs as well as her experiences with mentorship, multiculturalism, pursuing a doctorate in education, and “finding her tribe” as a scholar and as a person. We also discussed how to dress for success as well as the mystery and magic of Sour Patch Kids. Hooray!

Thanks for listening!

Tim Keyes and Paloma Marin Nevarez