LEAD Cohort 2020-21 Alumni

Antonette Ajayi, MD, MPH
Fellow, Pulmonary critical care medicine

Yewande Alimi, MD, MHS
Fellow, MIS/Bariatric Surgery

Dora Alvarez, MD
Resident, Pediatrics

Eva Archer, MD, PhD
Resident, Pediatrics

Connor Arquette, MD
Resident, Plastic Surgery

Ryan Thomas Ash, MD, PhD
Resident, Psychiatry

Anaid Atasuntseva, Ph.D
Fellow, Clinical Child Psychology Fellowship Program; Adolescent DBT program

Danielle Atibalentja, MD, PhD
Fellow, Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine and Family Medicine)

Eve Ayeroff, MD
Resident, Categorical Pediatrics

Leandra A Barnes, MD
Resident, Dermatology

William Bassett, MD
Fellow, Pulmonary/CCM

Annie Berens, MD, MSc, MA
Fellow, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Natali Birgisson, MD
Resident, Psychiatry

Michael Chavarria, MD
Resident, Anesthesia

Chrysa Cheronis, MD
Fellow, Pediatrics/ Pediatric Neurology

Eduardo Contijoch, MD PhD
Resident, Pediatrics - Physician Scientist Track

Camilo Cortesi, MD
Fellow, Critical Care Medicine

Salma Dali, MD
Resident, Pediatric

Anne Durstenfeld, MD
Fellow, PICU

Chiazotam Ekekezie, MD
Fellow, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Oluseyi Fayanju, MD
Fellow, Clinical Informatics

Luis Fernandez, MD
Resident, Psychiatry

Mariame Fofana, MD
Resident, Emergency Medicine

Kelly Foster, MDResident, Emergency Medicine
Resident, Anesthesia

Matilde Fredrickson, DO
Fellow, Addiction Medicine Fellowship

Alberto Furzan, MD
Fellow, Anesthesia Critical Care Medicine

Magi Ishak Gabra, MD, MS
Resident, Pediatrics

Sara Getahun Tedla, MD
Fellow, Neuroradiology Fellowship

Alexandria Hicks-Nelson, DVM, MS
Resident, Laboratory Animal Medicine

Malorie Holmes, MD
Fellow, Nephrology

Jessika Hurts, PsyD
Fellow, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Child Development

Irogue Igbinosa, MD
Fellow, Maternal Fetal Medicine

Ling Jin, PHD
Fellow, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Christina Johnson, MD
Fellow, Maternal Fetal Medicine

Travis Joseph Miller, MD
Resident, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Aslam Khan, DO
Fellow, Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Sara Kibrom, MD
Fellow, Pediatric Nephrology

Lauren E Klingman, MD
Resident, Emergency Medicine

Chioma Madubata, MD, PhD
Resident, Pediatrics

Alice Mao, MD
Fellow, Geriatrics

Michael Martyna, MD
Fellow, Neuropsychiatry

Stephanie Melchor, MD
Resident, ObGyn

Emma Rose Miller-Bedell, MD
Resident, Pediatrics

Evangelina (Eva) Molina MD, MBA
Resident, Pediatrics

Tram Nguyen, MD

Fellow, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Elizabeth Nguyen, MD

Resident, Categorical Pediatrics

Ketetha Olengue, MD
Resident, Psychiatry

Ann Pacheco-Navarro, MD
Fellow, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Valerie Peicher, MD
Fellow, Academic General Pediatrics

Jorge Alberto Munoz Pineda, MD
Fellow, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Christopher Scott Poitevien, PhD
Fellow, Clinical Child Psychology Fellowship Program

Srav Puranam, MD, ScM
Resident, Pediatrics-Anesthesia

Kavya Rao, MD
Fellow, Neurology

Ashley Rider, MD
Fellow, Emergency Medicine

Anthony Sawyer, MD, MPH
Resident, Anesthesiology

Connie Martin Sears, MD
Resident, Ophthalmology

Megha Shankar, MD
Fellow, VA Health Services Research and Development

Catherine Shir, MD
Resident, Psychiatry

Derek Smith, MD
Resident, Anesthesiology

Tatum Sohlberg, MD, MPH
Resident, Pediatrics

Gabriela Spencer MD, MSc
Resident, Internal Medicine

Abdullah Terkawi, MD, MS
Fellow, Pain Management

Paige Wheaton Wolstencroft, MD, MS
Resident, Dermatology

Tanuja Yalamarti, MD
Fellow, Nephrology

Chelsea Young, MD
Fellow, Child Psychiatry

Sara Zadeh, MD
Fellow, Surgical Pathology

Presentation Topics

2021 Diversity & Inclusion Forum

May your workforce be with you - Why we need diversity, and how to get it

Authors - Danielle Atibalentja MD PhD, Leandra A Barnes MD, Michael Chavarria MD, Anne Durstenfeld MD, Valerie Peicher MD, Kavya Rao MD, Adjoa Boateng Evans MD MPH, Joyce Hsu MD MS, Edda Spiekerkoetter MD, Al'ai Alvarez MD

A Seat at the Table: Empowering the Underrepresented through Mentorship

Authors - Chrysa Cheronis, MD, Oluseyi A. Fayanju MD, Evangelina Molina, MD MBA, Viviana Ruiz Barros, MD, Gabriela Spencer MD MSc, Paige W. Wolstencroft, MD MS, Rania Awaad, MD, Esmeralda Morales, MD, James Xie, MD and Belinda Bandstra, MD MA

Understanding the Power of Names, Correct Pronunciation, and Personal Narratives

Authors - Megha Shankar MD, Aniya Atasuntseva PhD, Eve Ayeroff MD, Salma Dali, Malorie Holmes MD, Christina Johnson MD, Abdullah Terkawi MD, Beth Beadle MD PhD, Kathleen Boyd MD, Joon Chang MD, Tamara Dunn MD

Words That Make You Go “hmmm”: Building Skills for Intentional Communication

Authors - Eva Archer, MD, PhD, Annie Berens, MD, MSc, MA, Luis Fernandez, MD, Mariame Fofana, MD, Chelsea Young MD, Sara Zadeh, MD, Michelle Arteaga, MS, MHA, Peggy Han, MD, and Carrie Johnson, MBA

“We are not throwing away our shot: Coming together to build a community engagement toolkit to address COVID-19 health disparities and vaccination inequities”

Authors - Natalia Birgisson, MD, Irogue Igbinosa, MD, Sara Kibrom, MD, Jorge Munoz Pineda, MD, Srav Puranam, MD ScM, Ash Rider, MD, Tatum Sohlberg, MD MPH, Nancy Morioka-Douglas, MD/MPH, Allyson Spence MD PhD, Emily Whitgob, MD MEd and Travis Reece-Nguyen, MD MPH

Navigating Diverse Mentoring Relationships: How to right the ship when it's going off-course?

Authors - Alberto Furzan, MD, Alexandria Hicks-Nelson DVM MS MS, Aslam Khan DO, Chioma Madubata MD PhD, Stephanie Melchor MD, Catherine Shir, MD, Christopher Scott Poitevien, PhD, Magali Fassiotto, PhD, Andrew Martella, MD, Takudzwa Shumba, MD MPH and Claire Watkins, MD MS

Creating an inclusive and effective mentor-mentee relationship

Authors - Chiazotam Ekekezie MD, Jessika Hurts PsyD, Magi Gabra MD MSc, Eduardo Contijoch MD, PhD, Ling Jin PhD, William Bassett MD, Derek Smith, MD, Andrea Jonas, MD, Ken Sutha MD, PhD, Sarah Williams MD, MHPE, ACC, and Wendy Caceres MD

Moral Injury: How it affects us and tools to combat it

Authors - Antonette Ajayi, MD, MPH, Dora Alvarez, MD, Connor Arquette, MD, Alice Mao, MD, Tram Nguyen, MD, Anthony Sawyer, MD, MPH, Connie Martin Sears, MD, Eugene J. Carragee, MD, Baraka Floyd, MD, MSc, Bernadett Mahanay, C-TAGME, BA, Becky Blankenburg, MD, MPH

A Juggling Act: Preserving Individual Cultural Identity while Assimilating into the Culture of Healthcare

Authors - Camilo Cortesi, MD, Kelly Foster, MD, Lauren E Klingman MD, Sara Getahun Tedla MD, Elizabeth Nguyen, MD, Ryan Thomas Ash, MD, PhD, Tanuja Yalamarti, MD MS, Jennifer Alyono, MD MS, Armando Huaringa, MD, N Ewen Wang, MD and Michelle Brooks, C-TAGME

Healing Microaggressions through Peer-Centered Interventions: An Experiential Workshop

Authors - Ana Pacheco-Navarro, MD, Emma R. Miller-Bedell, MD, Ketetha Olengue, MD, Matilde Fredrickson, DO, Michael Martyna, MD, Travis J. Miller, MD, Yewande Alimi, MD MHS, Cati Brown-Johnson, PhD, C.Kwang Sung MD, MS, Kiran Khush, MD, MAS and Felipe D. Perez, MD

4th Annual Diversity & Inclusion Forum

On May 21, 2021, the 4rd Annual Diversity & Inclusion Forum was held virtually highligting innovative workshops developed by our pediatric residents, fellows, and educational mentors who have participated in the 2020-21 LEAD Program. The event was an enriching opportunity for faculty, fellows, residents, students, postdocs, and staff to learn tools and strategies to enable participants to become effective change agents for diversity and inclusion in medical education.