Health Equity & Leadership Journal Club

Health Equity and Leadership Journal Club
Offered by the Office of Diversity in Medical Education (ODME)
Summer 2020

In light of recent limitations to on-campus housing and educational programs at Stanford, the Leadership in
Health Disparities Program will not be held this summer at the Stanford School of Medicine. In order to
address incoming student interest in addressing health inequities, we have developed a virtual program on
health disparities, social justice, and leadership.

Scholarly publications remain the key mechanism for investigators to communicate the results of their original
scientific research and findings to the field of medicine and health disparities. These findings can then be used
by health leaders to be translated into policy and clinical practice. The Leadership in Health Disparities Journal
Club is being initiated during this unique time of social distancing and will be facilitated by the Office of
Diversity in Medical Education faculty including Dr. Reena Thomas and Dr. Fernando Mendoza
as well as our Assistant Director, Mark Gutierrez.

The journal club forum will meet for 90-minutes weekly during the last week of June through the second week
of August 2020. It will provide incoming Stanford medical students the opportunity to discuss the issues of
health disparities, social justice, and leadership in academic medicine. This will be achieved through the
analysis of scholarly work by Stanford faculty. Critical to this discussion is the understanding of how
leadership skills are key to success in academic medicine and health policy to decrease the nation’s health
disparities. This engagement will provide the opportunity to meet virtually with peers in the Stanford medical
school class as well as key Stanford faculty.

We hope this journal club will allow you an introduction to Stanford’s efforts in health equity research and
highlight some of the academic leaders who are actively involved in helping to decrease the nation’s health
disparities. We also believe this will provide you an opportunity to consider key decisions as you initiate your
own path to becoming a leader in health care. The virtual Journal Club is open to matriculated Stanford medical
students, at no cost, and there are no coursework prerequisites to participate.

Details in Summary:
1. 90-minutes weekly
2. Journal club on health disparities research and leadership development
3. Voluntary participation
4. Incoming first year medical students to Stanford School of Medicine
5. Virtual forum via the Zoom teleconferencing platform

If you would be interested in participating in the Journal Club please complete the Qualtrics Survey at the
following link:  Please complete survey
by Friday May 1, 2020. We will contact you in the coming days regarding timing and other pertinent details of
the Journal Club.

Fernando Mendoza, MD MPH; Associated Dean of Minority Advising and Programs; Professor of Pediatrics
Reena Thomas, MD PhD; Faculty Director, ODME; Clinical Associate Professor, Neurology
Mark Gutierrez, MS; Assistant Director, ODME
Marcella Anthony, MPA; Assistant Director, Outreach, Recruitment, and Engagement, ODME
Victoria Moreno, Administrative Associate; ODME