Monterey County Addressing Latinx CANcer Care Equity

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July 22, 2021

The ALCANCE project, funded through the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine, launched a randomized controlled trial at our community partner site, Pacific Cancer Care in May 2021. The study will evaluate the efficacy of a community health worker (CHW)-delivered intervention to reduce cancer disparities by improving the knowledge and delivery of evidence-based precision medicine for cancer care. Participants are randomized to either usual care or usual care + supplemental CHW support. Now several months in, 32 patients have enrolled and participated in a baseline survey. Patients in the intervention arm will receive education related to molecular profiling, tumor testing, and precision medicine, assistance with symptom tracking, advance directives, and establishing goals of care with help from CHWs Maria and Jerry.

Meanwhile, at Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas, CHWs Maria and Yesica are assisting with COVID-19 vaccination efforts and preparing to begin screening and prevention education for 1000 patients. They will help to identify patients who are due or overdue for preventative screenings and well women visits, help to schedule their appointments, and talk with them about the importance of proactive screenings. English and Spanish language surveys, education, and resources have been developed and are in review along with the study protocol at Stanford’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). We look forward to launching study efforts in August.

Polls at two Community Advisory Board (CAB) meetings this year (February and May 2021) demonstrated that over 90% of the CAB agree or strongly agree that the project will address cancer disparities in Monterey County, and about 90% of the CAB also agree or strongly agree that the project has potential for policy impact beyond Monterey.

The CAB is continuing to collaborate on the creation of a CHW & Community Toolkit that will include recorded training sessions, links to external free training, local and national cancer education and resources, advance directive guides, and sample hiring guides and job descriptions for CHWs. The CAB looks forward to launching the toolkit online once completed. Finally, the team is exploring opportunities for additional funding including several grants to help sustain efforts long-term.

Questions? Contact Emily Wood, ALCANCE Project Manager at