19th Annual Community Health Symposium

In Memoriam

In Memory of Rose Wong, MS3

Rose was lovingly recognized as a compassionate classmate, a fierce activist for LGBTQ+ rights, and an incredibly talented artist and musician. During last year’s Community Health Symposium, we were fortunate that Rose graced us with her mesmerizing piano performance that she expertly created from words received from the audience.

This year, we are dedicating the 19thAnnual Community Health Symposium to Rose. Two very special performances, dedicated to Rose, will be performed by her friends and classmates, Bright Zhou and Chelsea Nnebe.

Please join us in celebrating Rose’s incredible life and legacy.

Rose was at her core an improvisationalist - possessing a remarkable ability to move beyond scripted music, to push beyond what was prescribed to her. This courageous, creative energy fueled her music, her spirit, and her activism alike. At Open Mics, she would often call on the audience to give her a random few notes, from which she would weave a flowing tapestry, a narrative that always seemed to end as it started - confident, stated, but also dissonant, her fingers knowing simultaneously when they had said enough, but also leaving the audience anticipating a resolution.

I am still learning to find this resolution. Not being an improvisationalist myself, I chose Bach's Cello Suite #2 to capture the same flowing, thoughtful tension I admired so much in Rose's music. Thank you in advance for listening - may you find the same recognition of life's dissonance and strength to pick back up when you are able.

Bright Zhou

MD Candidate 2021, Stanford Medicine


Rose was no stranger to things not going her way or feeling out of place, but she was also no stranger to fighting for her rights. Rose’s fiery spirit was undeniable - is undeniable - and was felt by everyone who came in contact with her. I know Rose had many plans for her future, both professional and personal, and it frustrates me that she’ll never get to realize them. As her memory lives on, I hope we all remember to do what we can to protect the ones we love while we still have them, especially when life doesn’t go as planned.

Chelsea Nnebe

MD/PhD Candidate, Stanford Medicine