Effective immediately, the Office of Community Engagement (OCE) will pause new Valley Fellowship awards in the new year (2023 and beyond) until further notice. We will honor the commitments we have made to students and community partners who have already signed agreements in place, but will not be accepting new applications. We thank you for your continued support of our local communities and look forward to communicating any and/or new developments in the future.

Thanks to The Valley Foundation, the Office of Community Engagement, sponsors a paid fellowship program that provides, 1st year Summer and 2nd+  year, medical students the opportunity to work on community-responsive research or service projects that meet community-identified needs in Santa Clara or San Mateo Counties. 


Since 2002, OCE has recruited over 100 Valley Fellows whose extraordinary work and contributions have had major impacts to local communities. As a Valley Fellow, you will be part of a community of mutually passionate individuals engaging with local community and fostering HEALTH EQUITY.


We are invested in YOUR success! OCE's faculty and staff will provide leadership and mentorship to support you/your project to achieve your milestones.  We will also help you to build relationships with other Valley Fellows, conduct peer reviews, and build community partnerships.


In addition to the positive impact you are making in the community, you will have an exciting opportunity to be a poster presenter at the annual Community Health Symposium, hosted by OCE each Winter Quarter, to showcase your work and collaboration with your community partner!


Please fill out the Valley Fellowship Interest Form here

2022-23  Valley Fellowship Office Hours

2nd & 4th Fridays | 9-10:00 AM PST | Zoom

For existing Valley Fellows, please email us to schedule a meeting today!


1. Sidney Owen (Roots Community Health Center, San Jose): Digital Health Equity and Community Engaged Informatics


1.    Grace Li (The Peninsula Family Advocacy Program): Evaluation of School District Dyslexia Interventions


1. Anshal Gupta (Office of Sustainability, County of Santa Clara): Santa Clara County Public Health Jurisdictional Risk Assessment.


1. Vivivan Lou (Open Source Wellness): Qualitative Evaluation of the Open Source Wellness Model at the Stanford Family Medicine Associates Clinic

2. Samvel (Sam) Gyudzhyan: (The Latino Cancer Institute):  Implementing and Measuring Progress for a Precision Medicine Intervention Interrupted by National Public Health Emergency (COVID-19)

3.  Antonio Chahine (Ronald McDonald House Charities-Bay Area): Evaluating the Needs of Latinx (Im)migrant Families who Receive Services from Ronald McDonald House Charities

4.  Emmy Shearer (SHAR(ED) Stanford Health Advocacy & Research in the Emergency Department): Implementing a Patient-Facing Social Help Needs Platform in the Stanford University Emergency Department

5.  Emily Pang (Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area):  Assessing the Impact of Family-Centered, Culturally-Informed Supportive Services During Pediatric Crisis on Healthcare Utilization and Outcomes

6. Rebecca Bromley-Dulfano (Santa Clara Public Health Department): Climate Change Planning and Vulnerability Assessment  

7. Jeffrey Edwards (Latino Cancer Institute):  Implementing and Measuring Progress for a Precision Medicine Intervention


1.  Eric Jenkins (Community Partner: East Palo Alto Academy):  A Study of the Impact of the Health Career Collaborative Program on the Sense of Belonging Within Healthcare Education and Connectedness to a Healthcare Mentor Among East Palo Alto Academy (EPAA) Students.                                                              

2.  Joshua Taylor (Community Partner: iMPACt: Mid-peninsula Pediatric Advocacy Coalition):  Mapping of Mental Health Resources in San Mateo County: The Quest for a More Patient & Provider-Friendly Mental Health Landscape

3.   Joshua Taylor (Community Partner: East Palo Alto Academy):  The Health Career Collaborative: A Mentorship & Health-Career Exposure Program for 10th & 11th Grade Students at East Palo Alto Academy accompanied by Investigation of Whether Involvement in HCC influences Participants' Sense of Belongingness in Healthcare & Long-term Rates of Entry Into Field

4.  Navika Shukla (Community Partner: Latino Cancer Institute):  Developing Tools to Measure Progress in a Precision Medicine Intervention

5.  Courtney Pedersen (Community Partner: Santa Clara Public Health Department):  Opportunities to Prevent Congenital Syphilis in Santa Clara County


1.   Emilia Liang (Community Partner: Stanford SHARED) Conduct survey and focus group research among patients and providers to understand the referral process between the Stanford Emergency Department and local clinics, and suggesting recommendations for best practices and improvements

2.   Jenny Tiskus (Community Partner: Planned Parenthood) Compile a of comprehensive list of resources to improve work flow in pediatric services

Completed Valley Fellowship Projects


1.  Drew Birrenkott (Community Partner: Santa Clara Department of Public Health) Conduct a literature review to understand outcomes of the Ryan White program nationwide, and to identify relevant trends observed by the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health

2.  Cecil Benitez (Community Partner: Latina Contra Cancer) Analyze the usefulness and participant experience for those individuals and organizations who attended the agency’s past conferences to inform content and delivery of the 2018 conference

3.  Angela Lee (Community Partner: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center) Conduct qualitative research (interviews) with women who are seeking but ineligible for abortions due to their current use of methamphetamines

4.  Laura Lu (Community Partner: Oxford Day Academy) Develop, deliver, and evaluate careers in science and medicine curriculum for high school students

5.  Shanique Martin (Community Partner: Oxford Day Academy) Medical Education and Mentoring: The Development of a Long-Standing and Self-Sustaining Curriculum and Mentorship Program Between Oxford Day Academy and Stanford University School of Medicine

6.  AJ Millet (Community Partner: Santa Clara Department of Public Health) Conduct literature review to identify risk factors and missed opportunities for intervention on the congenital syphilis cases in Santa Clara County in 2017

7.  Claire Rhee (Community Partner: Oxford Day Academy) M edical Education and Mentoring: The Development of a Long-Standing and Self-Sustaining Curriculum and Mentorship Program Between Oxford Day Academy and Stanford University School of Medicine

8.  Dasha Savage (Community Partner: Roots Clinic) Assess clinic’s current referral and tracking processes, and suggest recommendations for improvement based on input gathered from patient interviews and provide best practices

9.  Jecca Steinberg (Community Partner: Bascom Pediatric Clinic) Facilitate research project to understand the effectiveness of a Tips by Text pediatric literacy program administered to families who access services at the clinic

Summer 2017

1.   Alejandro Aguirre (Community Partner: The Day Worker Center of Mountain View) Assess the nutrition program, and collaborated in the development of a culturally appropriate sample menu and health education materials. Developed operational guidelines for staffing the co-op kitchen, defined roles and responsibilities for the participants,

2.   Thanh Truong (Community Partner: SPHERE) Work with academic and community partners to develop a community guide for understanding Precision Health.

Summer 2016

1.   Carlie Arbaugh (Community Partner: Cancer PACT) Measure and report colorectal cancer screening (CRCS) rates in four safety-net clinics. Developed CRCS educational materials for clinic staff and patients.

2.   Carlie Arbaugh (Community Partner: Edison Clinic-San Mateo County Health) Research causes to non-adherence of Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) in HIV disease. Analyzed number/percentage of patients in clinic with high viral loads due to non-adherence to ART. Piloted an intervention to support ART adherence at Edison Clinic.

3.   Victoria Bawel (Community Partner: Cardinal Free Clinics and Puente de la Costa Sur) Assess health needs of the Pescadero community and identify barriers to care. Planned and piloted a free clinic model in Pescadero. Reported findings.

4.   Jacklyn Konopka (Community Partner: Santa Clara County Public Health Department) Establish a mid-peninsula Brain Injury Peer Support Group. Assure long-term sustainability of the group by establishing the group as an officially recognized Stanford student group, develop a leadership team, community advisory team, and administrative protocols.

5.   Alexandra (AJ) Millet (Community Partner: Planned parenthood Mar Monte) Research and develop protocols for in-clinic use of preventive care standing orders for adult preventive care, adult immunization, pediatric immunization, and chronic diabetes management. Created health education materials.

6.   Nancy Nkansah-Mahaney (Community Partner: Samaritan House Clinic) Conduct needs assessment to identify mental health resources available to patients at the clinic, and surveyed patients to understand their priorities and preferences for mental health education materials.

7.   Nancy Nkansah-Mahaney (Community Partner: West Valley Community College) Connect students to well established resources with the goal of preparing them for graduate level careers in healthcare. Designed a curriculum to be provided to students in STEM programs throughout the state. 

8.   Keon Pearson (Community Partner: San Mateo County Department of Public Health) Design an annual morbidity report to further explore the trends, demographics and risk factors of selected diseases in the San Mateo County population.   

9.   Ragini Phansalkar (Community Partner: Pescadero) Assess health needs of the Pescadero community and identified barriers to care. Planned and piloted a free clinic model in Pescadero. Reported findings.

Summer 2015

1.   Cecil Benitez (Community Partner: Latinas Contra Cancer) Develop a genetics training module for Promotores de Salud (community health workers) and patient navigators. The aim of this module is to increase knowledge and skill sets of bilingual, Latina women who work as promotoras.

2.   Max Kligerman (Community Partner: Santa Clara County Public Health Department) Develop a framework for transitioning minors receiving care through the State’s Children’s Care Services, into adult care services. The aim of the framework will include identification of appropriate (adult) providers, establishing insurance coverage, and assisting transitioning youth into the world of adult medicine.

3.   Jacklyn Konopka (Community Partner: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center-Rehabilitation Research Center) Establish a mid-peninsula Brain Injury Peer Support Group. Assure long-term sustainability of the group by establishing the group as an officially recognized Stanford student group, develop a leadership team, community advisory team, and administrative protocols.

4.   Veronica Manzo (Community Partner: Ravenswood Family Health Center) Conduct a community needs assessment (clinic patients and staff) to identify ways to improve health and well-being through physical activity. Developed an 8-week physical activity, nutrition, and wellness program to test the program’s utilization and long-term sustainability.

5.   Nancy Nkhansah-Mahaney (Community Partner: Samaritan House) Compile and publish a comprehensive list of mental health resources in San Mateo County for patient referrals. Future: Develop the list of resources into a phone app.

6.   Paige Qin (Community Partner: Ravenswood Family Health Center) Develop training modules for staff Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) screening and response protocols; conduct an audit of the clinic’s compliance of IPV screening protocols; Develop, design, and launch annual IPV awareness program.

7.   Paula Trepman (Community Partner: MayView Community Health Center) Implement a Hepatitis B screening and vaccination program based on best-practice models.

Summer 2014

1.   Megan Deakins (Community Partner: Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley Wellness Center) Create a youth cardio program for children accompanying parents who participate in a fitness program. Developed and launched an exercise prescription program.

2.   Blake Gordon Zwerling (Community Partner: Ravenswood Family Health Center) Implement a clinic-wide intimate partner violence (IPV) screening protocol based on a system approach. Instituted strategies to ensure continued use of IPV protocols.

Summer 2013

1.   Elena Branford (Community Partner: Ravenswood Family Health Center) Validate chronic disease registry (i2i) data specific to pap smear by updating entries to reflect current cervical cancer screening protocols, verifying the status of referrals and follow-ups, and measuring percent of patients undergoing cervical cancer screening to help achieve 80% screening goal.  Developed intimate partner violence screening pamphlet utilizing existing literature review and data. Provide a workshop for staff on IPV screening protocol.

2.   Margaux Black (Community Partner: Ravenswood Family Health Center) Develop an intimate partner violence screening policy and screening protocols using federal and state laws and existing literature review and data collected. Developed a pocket resource for providers with information for screening and reporting intimate partner violence. Developed a reminder tool in Electronic Medical Record to document instances when patients affirm that they are victims of IPV.

3.   Michelle Nguyen (Community Partner: Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley) Streamline the process for collecting data for the Diabetes prevention program, gather, analyze and present outcome measures.

4.   Meg Tabaka (Community Partner: Stanford Hospital & Clinics) Research financial and care delivery models for existing Psych Respite Centers in the country serving the homeless population. Develop “best practice” model based on research. Create criteria and protocol for identifying eligible patients. Compile hospital data to provide “big picture” view of issue. Disseminate research findings among key stakeholders.

MD/MPH Fellows 2013

1.   Angela Venegas, Class of 2013 (Community Partner: Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley) Develop an epidemiological product looking at health status of American Indians in California.

Summer 2012

1.   Jessie Liu (Community Partner: Puente de la Costa Sur) Conduct a needs assessment to understand the health status of agricultural workers and their families in the South Coast region.

2.   Ulysses Rosas (Community Partner: Ravenswood Family Health Center) Develop and pilot a sustainable position for a trained family planning and preconception care counselor who is also familiar with the range of services available to female patients at Ravenswood.

3.   Megan Solomon (Community Partner: Cancer Patients Alliance) Conduct a review of pancreatic cancer information in the literature in order to develop programs and resources for the medically underserved community in Monterey County.

4.   Shervin Wang (Community Partner: Collective Roots) Develop and support garden-based educational programs for low-income communities.

MPH/MPP Fellows 2011-2012

1.   Patrick Avila (Community Partner: Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System) Develop, implement, and analyze efficient and population-specific enrollment methods and materials to expand health care coverage to low-income residents in Santa Clara County under the recently enacted Medicaid 1115 Waiver.

2.   Anna Chen (Community Partner: Opportunity Center in Palo Alto) Develop a chronic disease registry for diabetes management among the homeless clinic.  She also planned to use the register to monitor the quality of care and patient outcomes.

3.   Maggie Wells (Community Partner: Planned Parenthood Mar Monte) Conduct a needs assessment regarding policy or health initiatives which may serve members of the community, analyze the implications of healthcare reform implementation, help create a base of pro-choice legislators and elected officials in CA State and investigate the impacts of CA budget cuts on Teen Success and AFLP (Adolescent Family Life) programs.

Summer 2011

1.   Moises Gallegos (Community Partner: Ravenswood Family Health Center) Develop and implement Women's Health Navigation project.

2.   Diana Robles (Community Partner: SOMOS Mayfair) Develop and implement Community Health Assessment.

Summer 2010

1.   Joel Bronstein (Community Partner: Valley Medical Center) Conduct an epidemiologic review of scald cases among toddlers in collaboration with Dr. Yvonne Karanas.  Based on this review, he developed a community education plan for scald prevention for the broader community and the patients in the hospital.  

2.   Raymond Tsai (Community Partner: San Mateo County Health System, in collaboration with Dr. Vivian Levy) Develop an online health outreach and prevention intervention program within Bay area men who have sex with men (MSM). He helped to provide online education support for strategies to be used in web-based communities that support healthy sexual behaviors.  

Summer 2009

1.   Morgan Theis (Community Partner: San Mateo County) Assess barriers to exercise among older adults in San Mateo County in collaboration Curtis Chan, MD, Assistant Health Officer at the San Mateo County Health Department. This project is a continuation of the group project she did through the Population Health curriculum during the first-year Practice of Medicine Course.

2.   Alex Cardenas (Community Partner: East Palo Alto Academy Elementary School) Assess staff and parent needs in social and emotional needs of students. He developed in-service trainings for teachers on child and adolescent mental health risks, screenings and community resources. 

Summer 2008

1.   Christine Chang, Yi-Ren Chen, Narmadan Kumarasamy and Angela Venegas (Community Partner: Community Health Partnership of Santa Clara County) Conduct quantitative and qualitative with patients and providers to gain a better understanding of mobile mammography's utility with improving access to regular screening mammograms among medically underserved women based at the Community Health Partnership’s member clinics.

2.   ChaRandle Jordan (Community Partner: San Mateo County Public Health Department) Develop strategies and health education campaign to increase access and utilization of out-door recreation activities, particularly for low-income and at-risk communities.

3.   Ruo Peng Zhu (Community Partner: SOMOS Mayfair) Review best practices and evaluation models for community-based health initiatives, in particular those that utilize theater, culture, popular education, and participatory action research.

Summer 2007

1.   Annie Nguyen (Community Partner: Santa Clara County Public Health Department) Review cost-effectiveness and analysis of mandated TB testing for kindergarten students.

2.   Leslie Stewart (Community Partner: San Mateo County Public Health Department) Develop guidelines for nutrition and physical activity recommendations in after school programs.

3.   Graham Walker (Community Partner: Office of Community Health) Develop proposal for Community Partnership Database to connect Stanford students, faculty, staff, and community agencies and their needs.

4.   Mark Hammer and Ragu Vijaykumar (Community Partner:  Mayview Community Health Center) Develop and implement a transition plan to continue development of chronic disease management information technology.

Summer 2006

1.   Chioma Agbo (Community Partner: Santa Clara County Public Health Department and the Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI)) Develop medical protocols for use in the county’s emergency mass prophylaxis response to acts of bioterrorism with anthrax.

2.   Tessa Anderman (Community Partner: Mid-Peninsula Citizens Preparedness Committee) Develop an educational module to train and educate citizen volunteers about the pandemic flu.

3.   Cindy Hwang (Community Partner: Health Trust) Develop and implement a program evaluation model for a Latino senior exercise and nutrition wellness program.

4.   Donnie Matsuda (Community Partner: Santa Clara County Public Health Department) Compile and summarize data on pertussis cases reported in Santa Clara County between 1998 and 2005.

Summer 2005

1.   Lynne Rosen (Community Partner: San Mateo County Public Health Department) Conduct an evaluation process of pre-HIV test counseling at the San Mateo Medical Center Edison Clinic

2.   Marie Wang (Community Partner: Arbor Free Clinic) Develop a sustainable system to increase resources about health insurance and community services

3.   Tress Goodwin and Liz Oosterhuis (Community Partner: Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital) Develop a pilot study to understand the knowledge, beliefs and attitudes about future fertility among pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Summer 2004

1.   Prasanna Ananth (Community Partner: Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital ER) Develop and implement a Family Resource Desk.

2.   Griselda Barragan (Community Partner: Ravenswood Family Health Center) Develop and implement a diabetes education class.

3.     Ian Chan (Community Partner: Hoover Magnet School) Develop and implement a health education outreach project for underserved students.

4.     Annie Chao (Community Partner: Healthy Santa Clara Collaborative) Collaborate on the establishment of a community farmer’s market and health fair.

5.     Lauren Cochran (Community Partner: Stanford Medical Youth Science Program) Develop, implement, and evaluate science curriculum for disadvantage high school students.

6.     Lorie Diaz (Community Partner: Mayfair Improvement Initiative and Cesar Chavez Elementary School) Develop a childhood obesity plan targeting parents and children.

7.     Sarah Juul (Community Partner: Pacific Free Clinic) Identify, refine, and expand mental health education materials and resources.

8.     Leanne Komorowski (Community Partner: Community Health Partnership of Santa Clara County) Interviewed patients without insurance and document stories as an advocacy resource.

9.     Christine Layton (Community Partner: MayView Community Health Center) Conduct research and develop a Patient Advocacy training manual.

10.  Jolene Nakao (Community Partner: Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association) Interview patients without insurance and document stories as an advocacy resource.

11.  Graham Walker (Community Partner: Ravenswood Family Health Center) Develop and test a pilot pharmaceutical program for underserved patients.

Summer 2003

1.     Jenny Dorth (Community Partner: AIDS Community Research Consortium) Develop a program to increase peer education and empowerment for people living with HIV.

2.     Mana Golzari (Community Partner: Santa Clara Juvenile Detention Hall) Develop a web-based database of community resources for youth in transition from Juvenile Hall.

3.     Courtney Griffiths (Community Partner: MayView Community Health Center) Develop and improve information systems and continuity of care for diabetes and prenatal patients.

4.     Khaliah Johnson (Community Partner: Ethiopian Community Services) Develop Health Resources Center and Women’s Support Group.

5.     Brent Kobashi (Community Partner: Pacific Free Clinic) Develop clinic protocols for operating procedures and hepatitis screening, education and treatment.

6.     Elise Lawson (Community Partner: Mommy Van) Develop and implement questionnaire for pre-conception counseling.

7.     Marcela Paquin (Community Partner: Arbor Screen Team) Translate and augment patient education materials for monolingual Spanish-speakers.

8.     Daniel Sanchez (Community Partner:  Santa Clara Family Health Plan) Compare retention rates between Healthy Kids and Healthy Families insurance programs.

9.     Juliet Stoltey (Community Partner: Health Trust) Evaluate previous efforts to enroll hard-to-reach children in available health insurance programs.

10.  Jasmine Waina (Community Partner: Santa Clara County Public Health Department) Develop a Community- based approach to Pediatric Obesity.

Summer 2002

1.     Unzila Ali (Community Partner: Menlo Senior Center) Conduct screening of elderly members of a local senior center for depression and memory loss.

2.     Ying Hua and Phuoc Le (Community Partner: Pacific Free Clinic and the Asian Liver Center) Conduct Hepatitis B Education, Screening, and Vaccination Program. Develop an educational CD and protocols for patients and providers.

3.     Vedant Kulkarni (Community Partner: Arbor Screen Team) Develop a patient program for the Arbor Screen Team to educate patients effectively on high blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure at community screening events.

4.     Eddie Nomoto (Community Partner: Pacific Free Clinic) Conduct needs assessment of East San Jose’s Asian American Community.

5.     Natalie Pageler (Community Partner: Arbor Free Clinic, Stanford Pediatric Interest Group and San Mateo County Public Health Department) Plan and coordinate two Back-to-School Children’s Health Fairs Lisa Lee Pate worked at the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley.

6.     Delene Richburg (Community Partner: Black Infant Health Project) Develop strategies for improving the relationship between Minority OB/Gyn patients and hospital staff; planning a one-day conference on minority perinatal health.

7.     Kahea Rivera (Community Partner: Pacific Islander Outreach) Develop and create a culturally-tailored diabetes prevention and management program for Pacific Islanders in East Palo Alto.