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PSA Screening Podcast

In a Stanford Medicine Podcast, Dr. James Brooks, Director of the Stanford O’Brien Urology Research center, discusses PSA screening: 

  • RNA-sequencing data for from our JCI Insight, 2019 publication includes: 1) bulk FFPE tissue RNA-Seq; 2) LCM dissected stroma and epithelium from BPH; 3) Single cell RNA-seq data from normal and BPH prostate; 4) whole exome sequencing of 9 BPH prostate tissues and controls. All RNA-Seq and WES data are available from the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes ( under phs001698.v1.p1.

  • Tissue microarray images from our JCI Insight, 2019  publication and additional stains are available from Stanford Tissue Microarray Database (, as array block TA-457.