Faculty Fireside Chats on Student Activism

For Clinical Faculty

faculty-only monthly program oriented to the clinical and medical education spaces. The sessions discuss student activism and diversity and inclusion topics at the School of Medicine.  The program aims to:

  1. Provide context and history of race issues at Stanford and in academic medicine, particularly for early career, new, and international faculty;
  2. Offer practical advice that activate faculty’s role as mentors, in creating space for student expression, and in promoting respectful and inclusive interactions with trainees;
  3. Create opportunities to engage openly with colleagues on challenges related to diversity in academic medicine


  1. Where we are today and where we want to go (Dean Lloyd Minor + Senior Associate Dean Bonnie Maldonado) - Tuesday, October 13, 2020

  2. History of minority affairs at Stanford and the School of Medicine (Fernando Mendoza, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Minority Advising and Programs and Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus) - Tuesday, December 8, 2020

  3. How did we get here: the roots of today’s mistrust (Donald Warne, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Director of the Indians Into Medicine (INMED) and Master of Public Health Programs, and Professor of Family and Community Medicine at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of North Dakota) - Thursday, January 21, 2021

  4. Race issues in Medical Teams: How to recover Brilliantly (Carla Pugh, MD, PhD, Professor of Surgery) - Monday, February 22, 2021

  5. Why is it medicine’s business: Current perspectives on patient outcomes (Maame Yaa Yiadom, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine) - Monday, March 22, 2021

  6. The role of faculty in an era of activism (Lisa Chamberlain, MD, M.P.H, Professor of Pediatrics) - Wednesday, April 21, 2021

  7. Mentoring through small acts (Reena Thomas, MD, PhD, Associate Dean for Diversity in Medical Education and Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology) - Thursday, May 20, 2021


    This series is organized by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity

For Biosciences Faculty

This series of five sessions in April and May aims to create open faculty-only space for a conversation about:

  1. Trainee activism;
  2. How to respond as a mentor, and develop a nuanced understanding of concepts of identity;
  3.  Allyship and belonging in ways that are relevant to today’s discourse and the upcoming generation of scientists.


  1.  Contextualizing current movement, racial legacy, and the biosciences. (Terrance Mayes, Associate Dean for Equity and Strategic Initiatives; and Tim Stearns, Professor of Biology and of Genetics and Senior Associate Vice Provost for Research) – Monday, April 12, 2021.
  2. Science and social identity, trainee inclusion and belonging (Latishya Steele, Director, Biosciences Programs and Curriculum; and José Dinneny, Associate Professor of Biology) - Monday, May 3, 2021.
  3. Speaking with students about activism and their research (David Schneider, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology; and Olivia Martinez, Professor of Surgery) - Wednesday, May 5, 2021.
  4. Demystifying allyship: What it means to be a JEDI scientist (Deb Karhson, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; and Marion Buckwalter, Professor of Neurology and of Neurosurgery) - Tuesday, May 18, 2021.
  5. Wrap-up Discussion: Moving forward from here (Sheri Krams, Professor of Surgery and Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs) - Wednesday, May 26, 2021.


This series is organized by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Graduate Education