Programs For Chairs and Chiefs

OAA hosts regular workshops for faculty leaders, typically 1-2 workshops per quarter. The workshops cover key topics related to policy, resources, planning and issues pertaining to the faculty. They also include skill-building workshops oriented to enhance the faculty’s existing leadership competencies. Department leaders may request workshops specific for their division, program and unit leaders.

Past Sessions

2019-2020 Workshops for Chairs and Chiefs:

  • The Importance of Teaching
  • Mentoring Resources Update
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies (to be re-scheduled due to COVID-19)
  • Addressing Unprofessional and Uncivil Behavior among Faculty (to be re-scheduled due to COVID-19)

On-Demand Workshops

The following is a list of skill-building training that is available by request for new managers, clinic and program directors, division chiefs and other faculty who are in formal leadership roles:

1. Decision-making in administration
2. Legal issues for new managers
3. Conflict management
4. Managing under pressure
5. Basics in crisis management
6. Motivating high-achieving peers and staff
7. Strategic planning
8. Negotiation skills