Weight Loss Diet Study: Low Carb vs. Low Fat and Insulin Resistance

The primary objective of this study is to determine if weight loss success can be increased if the dietary approach (Low Carb vs. Low Fat) is appropriately matched to an individual’s insulin resistance status. Previous studies have observed that insulin resistant adults have more success in losing weight with Low Carb diets, in contrast to insulin sensitive adults who have either more success or comparable success with the Low Fat diets. 

Eligible Participants

Healthy women and men ages 18-50 years with a BMI of 28-40 kg/m2.

Study Design

2x2 design with participants randomized to Low-fat or Low-Carb diet by insulin resistance status.


Substantial weight loss was achieved overall, but a significant diet X IR status interaction was not observed. Opportunity to detect differential response may have been limited by the focus on high diet quality for both diet groups and sample size.

To learn more about the details of the study, read:

  • Abstract, published in the journal Obesity